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Setup Service Fee

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I just want to point out to the users that the 1 time service fee charged to new users is bogus and something that in my experience defies understanding.. and I should mention I used my own phone bought in Asia when I signed up.. in other countries I've worked in (mostly in Asia) there is no such thing as a 1 time activation fee.. you go to a 7/11 buy a SIM and you're good to go.. topping up is again as easy as just going to a 7/11 and buying time.. simple and no fee.. when I asked what the fee was for in terms of how can they justify a $50 fee they can't tell me.. all they say is it's a 1 time charge but no justification for it..  I asked if anyone had to do anything other than what the store did for me and they said it's for activation.. what does that mean??? It was activated the minute the store dropped my SIM in.. there is no other physical activities performed by anyone after I walked out of the store..


After ~40 minutes of air time with customer service they reversed my charge.. one thing I learned in the discussions that I need to share is that you don't have to pay the 1 time fee if you agree to do it yourself store agent never mentioned anything about this to me all the time I was there.. so my question to customer care is why not.. they need to advise all new subscribers to Fido of this fact.. so be aware of all options before accepting a bogus service charge on anything.. 


I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

That is exactly how my reaction was and I htink my thread may still be around. I too compared to the Asian and even European markets for that matter but didn't get any proper or valid responses except that this is how it works in this country or at least with Fido. Few months in and not a single month where I am not contesting something or the other about an overcharge or a promised promo not applied to my account. A very disappointing situation and service.


Hello @LarryB1 and welcome to the Community.

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us here.


The Setup Service Fee is charged to setup a customer’s account, device and related services.


The fee applies to both existing,  and non-Fido customers and will be charged when an in-store representative helps you with the following services:


- Contact and content transfers between devices including device back-up (apps, contacts, pictures, or videos) to the cloud.

- Installation of cloud back-up services or any third party apps or more than 3 apps.

- Upgrades and account activations done in store.


It's important to know that if you complete your activation or your upgrade online, you won’t be charged a Setup Service Fee during your transaction.

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1



I've upgraded online, through the online chat services...I got told there would be a credit on my account to take out any set up service fees. Yet I still got charged the 50$ for a set up fee with no credit in my account. Should I wait for a second bill to see this credit??

Hey @ariana0202,


We suggest to get in touch with customer care to review the offer on your account! 😊