*225 message instantly flashes away on iphone XR

*225 message instantly flashes away on iphone XR

*225 message instantly flashes away on iphone XR

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*225 message instantly flashes away on iphone XR

When I try to dial *225 on the iphone XR, the remaining balance message instantly flashes away, leaving a blank screen with the "dismiss" button. I never had this problem before till the software update.


Does any of you have this type of problem for those using vouchers? Is this an apple problem or does fido need to twitch their code for *225 for the iphone?

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Hey @noclue


Thank you for flagging this to us. Have you tried restarting or restoring the phone?


@Community, has anyone else experienced these difficulties?

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iPhone 8 here, also experiencing the same problem.


Dialing *225 will quickly flash a message but then disappears and I hear a "Thank you." 


The screen only option is to dismiss.



Hey Willy156!


Have you tried to reboot or restored your phone? Make sure your software is updated, as well.


Can you also confirm if your prepaid account is active?

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@FidoVanessa hey Vanessa,


I have turned off the phone (Slide to power off) and turned it back on.


I can also confirm the prepaid account is active, the message shows me it'll expire March 18th and then disappear a second later.


The iphone is on the latest software



Hey @Willy156! Thanks for the update. Smiley


Can you confirm the OS version you're on right now and the version you were on when it last worked please (if possible)?



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The current iOS version is 13.3.3 on iPhone 8


I don't remember the previous iOS version but it was working with it but then suddenly this year it stopped working *225

Thanks for sharing!


I suggest you contact us so we can escalate this. You can reach us here or we can send you a PM via the community.

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I want to say I have same problem with iPhone 7 Plus iOS 13.3. This happened recently. It did not happen in the past.


Hey @andrew4096!


Did you notice if this happened only after updating to a specific version of iOS?


We'll have to look into things closely, and have a ticket opened so it can be investigated.


Can you please contact us, or if you prefer a PM here on the Community let us know.