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$200 bill credit promotion

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1



I plan to upgrade a new device, Fido is promoting a $200 bill credit. I want to know how does a $200 bill credit work? and how does it affect my device balance?


Thank you.


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @Taidinh92


If you're doing the upgrade with one of our In-market plans you will see the $200 bill credit in your cart when completing the transaction, it will also appear on your invoice. It will be applied as a bill credit by your second or third invoice following activation or upgrade.



I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

This is fake and did not apply on my purchase. You can see on the below screenshots I saw the offer and purchased it today Dec 28 but did not apply the $200 credit.


I called the customer service and they said the offer expired yesterday. I said I saw and still can see the offer that is why I upgraded to new phone. Representative checked with the supervisor and confirmed this offer was expired. 


After more than one hour of talking and waiting, at the end a new person talked me and made big joke at the end of 2019 which was "Clear My Browser Cache" lol... But which means they have some technical problem and they dont even want to componsate on their mistake. 


Very poor service, after my 6+ years of loyalty is going to break with Fido. 


My advise to everyone, do not purchase anything from Fido by seeing their Ad. Call them and ensure the offer is still available or the better choice is go to another provider for better service.


I saw this offer on Dec 28 morningI saw this offer on Dec 28 morningPurchased new phone and saw the message on top of the $200 credit bannerPurchased new phone and saw the message on top of the $200 credit banner

Hello @dj51,


Cache is used to speed up how pages load up.


The promotion was no longer advertised on our website after the morning of December 27th. 


Also, this promotion wouldn't reduce the total of your transaction immediately, it would be applied on either your 2nd or 3rd bill. But to confirm again, the promotion was expired at the time you completed your transaction. 


If you have further questions regarding your most recent transaction you can contact us on Facebook or Twitter.

I'm a Participant Level 3
I'm a Participant Level 3

Hello there,


I purchased new iPhone XR before January 27, so I assume I'll get $200 credit on my 2nd and 3rd bill as you say.


I got iPhone XR and I was charged $134.40 to my credit card. 2 year plan that I chose was medium $60/month.


Currently my account balance shows credit for -72.80.


My question is I'll get another -$127.2 credit on the following months bill for a combined -$200 credit?


Thanks, AM

Hey @am2134


Thanks for the details!


If you have't made any extra payment, then it's quite possible the credit has already been applied and that is why you're seeing a credit balance on the account. The reason you'd see only that amount could be because your due amount (monthly bill) was deducted from it.


Have you taken a look at your invoice?

If it hasn't been published yet, I'd suggest to wait and then look into it. Smiley



I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

Is this just for cell phones? I just activated a new tablet (IPAD air) a few days ago in store, just with data (no talk or text) on a 2 year plan... the associate never told me about this promotion, would this device have been eligable?

Hello @Akw


No, it was for phones and it had to be done online. Also, this promotion ended the morning of December 27-2019.