$1262.81 bill per month (Out of this world 🌍)

$1262.81 bill per month (Out of this world 🌍)

$1262.81 bill per month (Out of this world 🌍)

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$1262.81 bill per month (Out of this world 🌍)

I got a phone bill of $1262.81 per month. Why? Was I calling to the moon? Hahaha.... sound so funny but it's not...almost got a heart attack. A student can't expect this much bill for a month. Even a business man don't get a monthly bill of more than $1000. I have free 1000 minutes India calling per month and been using fido for this reason only for more than a year and my plan is $25 a month. This month I got a bill of $1262.81 all of a sudden and just dropped from the sky. I called to fido REP. And he said he has no clue why u got charged this much when u have free 1000 minutes India calling and he said he can't do anything but his supervisor will call me back so I waited but I got no reply from his supervisor and then started chat online with fido and the guy is also the same, said he don't know what has happened and has no clue about the charge and said his supervisor will call. I have no idea what's wrong with this company. Is it doing the same thing with everyone? It's a big time fraud and ripping ordinary people. It's a robbery. They should not do like this to a student who come here form so far to study. Have never expected this much bill. This bill for me is like 5 years bill. My plan is $25 a month so that's a $600 yearly plan and got $1262.81 bill this month only. I almost got a heart attack. Going back to sleep and getting so sick seeing this bill. Have no idea what to do now. Helpless

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Hello Marutinandan123,


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  Sorry to hear you've received that unexpectedly high bill amount. Have you had a chance to view the billing details to see what the additional charges were actually for? For the moment, I'll assume your charges are in relation to additional long-distance minutes.


  I do not know the full details of your plan. Does it have a limited or unlimited amount of calling minutes per month?


@Marutinandan123 wrote:...I have free 1000 minutes India calling per month and been using fido for this reason only for more than a year and my plan is $25 a month. ...

  Unfortunately, that may not be quite true.



~taken from Terms of Service; section 3g.


  It's not really free calling. All calls made using cellular phones are charged airtime plus any applicable long-distance. The 1000 International minutes are only for the long-distance portion of calls. If you had a limited number of included airtime minutes, you would be charged for any excess airtime usage even though you might not have exceeded your 1000 International minute allotment. For example, if your plan included 500 Canada-wide airtime minutes and you made 600 minutes of calls to India, you would be charged an additional 100 airtime minutes.


I understand that you might not have been aware of your excess usage. However, it has always been the customers' responsiblity to monitor their own voice and messaging usage. While Fido does not provide notifications for additional long-distance usage they do provide a means of monitoring call usage (ie My Account app).


  If your plan includes unlimited Canada-wide minutes, you should also note that the 1000 International minutes is a promotional offer. Most such offers are not available indefinitely on your account. It's also possible that particular promotion ended on your account. The particulars of the promotion would have been outlined when you got your plan and the information should have also been available via My Account.


  I understand this is a difficult time and your situation makes receiving such a bill even more distressing. If you're unable to make full payment on the bill, you might consider arranging a payment schedule. To make an arrangement, you'll need to contact the credit operations team.


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I did contact to the credit operations team. Trust me they are more rude and unprofessional then you guys. What he said when i asked him for arrangements is unbelievable. He said we don't care and ur fully responsible what u used for so u have to pay the money in full to fido and if u don't pay we will send this to collections agents and they will threaten u and get the money so it's good for u if u in full and he also said nothing else we can do. Why r u guys saying me to call credit team and ask for arrangements when he clearly said we don't do arrangements. And he said if u don't pay in full, ur credit will be ruined and then u won't be able to buy a car, a house, a phone or anything in Canada. So it looks to me that he was saying me indirectly that do whatever u have to do, rob a bank or anything but pay to fido in full. Come on man!!! What kind of company it is. How can u force someone to pay this kind of unexpected bills. Moreover, the guy who i talked to was so rude and very unprofessional. I will never use fido in my life and will not let any of my friends and family to use. I will keep them safe from robbery. 

Hi Marutinandan123.

I hope your situation will be resolved. I forgot to say if your situation is not resolved, and in the worst case you can contact the Commission for Complaints for Telecom-television Services (CCTS), details available at : https://www.ccts-cprst.ca/contact-us/ . But just in a worst scenario, i think fido can help you with this situation, and there's good Fido employee. Smiley

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Hello again,


  Sorry to hear you weren't offered a payment arrangement. However, that doesn't necessarily make them rude or unprofessional. While I cannot speak to your correspondence with the credit operations department, the moderator correspondence to you here has been polite and professional.


  Contacting the credit operations team was suggested because that's the only venue to possibly make a payment arrangement. However, any determination of an arrangment would be influenced by the particular situation as well as customer's credit. Only the credit operations team can make that determination.



Hi Marutianddan123.

I hope your situation will be resolved quickly. Sad

I hope you have a nice day Smiley

Hello @Marutinandan123


We understand that getting undexpected chages on a bill is not ideal for anyone.


 In order to verify what was disussed with you, we will need to go over your Fido account.

You can find all the ways to reach us here.


If it's best fo your, we can send you a PM here on the Community as well. 

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You are nt alone

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Do you have solutions? We can get together and take them to the court. This is a scam and the company is scamming so many people which is truly unacceptable. I really wanna come forward for the rest of the people and do something so they can't rob student and seniors and middle class hard working people. Let me know if u have any idea about what we can do for this. I am going to call CSTC tomorrow and then CRTC. I will do whatever it takes to make them pay back to the people and never rob them again

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Why are you stopping promoting ur reality? I have a freedom to post and let other people know about the reality so that they can avoid this kind of huge charges and get a better carrier. I am helping people by posting the reality and doing nothing wrong so stop deleting my posts. I am just posting what happens with me and shouldn't happen to other people. That's all. 

You can and we invite you to do so as long as you follow our guidelines which we invite you to take a look at if you haven't already.


You know where to find us if you need assistance!