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USA Charges

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I travelled to USA, I called Fido before going and they promised my phone will work for $12 a day. I got to USA, unable to make a call except WHATSAPP.  I checked my bill, they charged me $12 last month and they charged me $36 for the remaining three days this month. Last month, I called Fido and they apologized and refunded my $12 which is only for one day. They said I should call back this month for the remaining three days becasue the bill was not ready then. Now the  bill is ready, I called and they refused to refund my money.  


Could someone please help? I could I pay for what I did not use. 


Thank you.


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey there @Larryyum


Sorry to hear that you didn't have access to your services while travelling in the US. 


Just to confirm, do you have a device that is able to connect to the 4G/LTE network? If not, then you'll have trouble connecting to a US network, see here for more info.


What's good to know is that on our end, we will only charge you if there is usage made while roaming using your Fido SIM card. That is the only way we can track a communication to your device. Billed usage are calls (incoming and outgoing), sent texts (incoming are free), and mobile data.


For billed charges, you should be able to review your Fido invoice to confirm which usage was made/billed while roaming. However, please note that text messages aren't provided on your detailed invoice (PDF version).


That being said, you can contact us on these channels and we'll be happy to review your invoice together.