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Worst customer experience on last call

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

As a loyal customer with FIDO mobile and internet, I made a call on Feb 28, 2021, for an internet issue. After listening for around 20 minutes, a guy answered and suddenly transfer me to the verification team, then asked me to type FIDO account, after I entered, then transferred me, this guy asked many questions for verifying me, after I told him the address, postcode, my last credit card four digits, he asked when I started with Fido (how do I know? I've been with Fidos in years!!! I only remember I renewed last year and told him the date I renewal), the model of cell phone I am using, the model of past cell phone I used. After I answer all these, he keeps asking the most frequent calls I made. OM, I made many calls per day to different clients. If my cell phone has this statistical/ technical function, I'd love to answer. The only thing I could tell is the recent call I made.


Is there any benefits for me to waste 40 minutes if this is a fake call??? After his verification, then my call transfer to a Cantonese FIDO internet, and in the middle, it automatically off the line. This drives me crazy for over 40 minutes of call experience. I feel so upset about this person. 


I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

Here's my recall of the questions he asked as follows, at my best. 


1. My Fido account

2. My name, address and postcode

3. My email address

4. Who is the account holder

5. What is the other phone number

6. The credit payment last four digits

7. When I started with FIDO

8. When do I sign my current cellphone plan

9. What is my current cellphone model 

10. What is my previous cellphone model

11. The most frequent two people I contacted with. 

12. Which language I prefer, English or Mandarin? - I say I can do either one, then my call got transferred to a Cantonese call center, which is a totally different language from Mandarin.


When a client is frustrating with the internet issue, who needs to listen to 20 minutes of music, talk about 3 minutes with a technical person, without solving anything, then got transferred and repeat again around another 15 minutes with a verification team member, before obtaining the answer. After 40-minutes "fun" journey, before I get a chance to talk with a new technical person, the line was suddenly off. How do you feel, FIDO? Do you care?? How many FIDO customer went through all these questions? or I was lucky to be the only one. 

Hi @carrie0221 !


I can assure you that providing a great customer service experience is one of our top priorities, so we wouldn't ask any questions that are not necessary.


In this particular case, it sounds like the first authentication failed, so they had to ask extra security questions in order to access your account securely.


We do this not only for the protection of our customers' accounts and personal information, but also to avoid any unauthorized people to make changes to an account without the account holder's permission.


Even if you call from a Fido device, we can't be sure that you're the account holder or an authorized user, as someone could have very well borrowed or stolen your phone. 


As @FidoSaad mentioned, you do have the option to set up Voice ID so that you don't need to go through these authentication measures every time. We know your time is precious!


As for your questions in the previous message:


1. Our authentication policy provides us with a list of security questions to ask in order to verify a caller's identity, but not a specific amount. We will of course use as few as possible, but it all depends on the scenario.


2. We do not have access to the phone records on our side, so we wouldn't know exactly what happened on this call, but we can definitely send your feedback over for this to be reviewed with the agent you spoke to. 
You can contact us through any of the channels listed here, or request a PM via the Community instead!


Hope this clarifies. Smiley


I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

By the way, I used FIDO cellphone to call 611, which I believe your call center system can see directly. Nowadays, we use fingerprint as a screen lock, and I was trying to ask an internet question, what exactly is the risk here for FIDO? Did I ask FIDO about FIDO bank account? 

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

*Hope FIDO customer service who cares about the customers answers my questions, instead of justifying the verification right when the CUSTOMER HAS GIVEN THE CORRECT ANSWER. Thanks!

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1



I made another call, and supervisor said she will submit this issue to the management, but there will be no shared action/follow-up with the customer. VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH FIDO ABOUT THE COMPLAINT PROCEDURES.

Hey @carrie0221! Philippe here. I hope you're feeling well. Smiley


Thank you very much for your feedback! I'm do sincerely apologize for that, that's certainly not the experience we expect to provide. In depth verification is sometimes required to protect your account from any potential unauthorized access. Rest assured that your experience will be forwarded appropriately.

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

Sorry, there were some typos in the previous response, please disregard that one, and read the following, thanks! 

Hi Philippe, 


Have you been verified by the Bank? Even banks will not ask so many questions. It bothers me because, before FIDO response to my internet issue, I've wasted around 40 minutes. As a customer, our time is valuable and our patience is limited too, not FIDO credit can make up all customer unsatisfaction. 


What are the potential risks for FIDO if I am making a fake call? I was calling to ask about an internet off issue in my home. If I am not the owner of the FIDO internet, when your technical person comes to the billing address, they will find it out immediately. Hope you can answer the following questions. 

1. Does FIDO have a policy regarding how many questions can be asked in the verification process?

2. Is there any my response is suspicious to cause me the numerous questions and support the guy to continue to question me? Could you replay the phone records to verify? I apologize for raising my voice as I lost my temper/mind during the call. Hope FIDO cares about customers and is willing to give me feedback/follow-up. Thanks! 

Hey @carrie0221


I'm sorry to hear about your latest experience. To clarify, depending on the security options added to the account holder's account, the range of questions asked can vary. You can also enroll to the VoiceID for example to speed up the process. Troubleshooting and offer technical assistance can be provided even if you're not the account holder. However, if access to the account is required, we'll have to authenticate you then.


As mentioned, the number of questions asked can vary. Though, since you were transferred to our validation team, was the authentication perhaps unsuccessful? Part of our security procedure when we're unable to authenticate you is to have our validation team take a closer look at it by asking more detailed questions.

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

Hi Saad,


You didn't answer my question at all.  After asking me my current cellphone (which I got on black Friday promotion, HUAWEI P30), that person still asked the past cell phone I used. Is this necessary??? After I told him I am unable to find the most frequent person as I call different clients every day but I can provide him with the most recent call I made, he was still unsatisfied. I can screenshot my cellphone to prove the recent dial as evidence. Is that person has the right to keep verifying me when I said the correct answer??? Hope someone who cares about the customers answers my answer, please!!!