Internet not working

Internet not working

Internet not working

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Internet not working



Hi all,


my internet has been going away for the past month. At random times, the internet would stop working. Before I would unplug/plug and after restart it would work. However 2 days ago unplug/plug stopped working. 

called Fido customer service. After 25 min on hold for a technician to check.. aske me to do everything including reset router and told me that he needed to send a technician.. next day (yesterday) the technician came.. called me in the phone and told me all connections in the box where ok. Asked me to try. Internet was back up and running. Super slow at first but at least running. He told me to he could come in my house because of covid and "suggested" I stayed out till covid was over?? 

come the evening, wifi started failing again. Today I am trying to run my business from home and the internet is not working. 

can someone please help?

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Hi @Gonzalohg1,


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It sounds like you have a bad modem, I would suggest you contact customer support and ask to have the modem exchanged.

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I called technical support. After being on hold+call for 48 minutes, the associate gave me an authorization code for a new model. Had to go 10km away to pick it up. 

Came back set it up and the internet was working.  Came the night, and the internet stop working again!! Right now, I'm writing this from my data. My gf has already run out of data on her plan and had to reload as a result, and that may happen to me too as I am working off of my data package. 

How is this happening? Any thoughts? Calling tech support is a nightmare.. if it isn't the modem (just exchanged it) and it's not the box downstairs (a technician came and checked the other day and apparently the connection is ok), then what can it be?



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Hi @Gonzalohg1,


That's interesting, is the problem mostly happening at nights? Does it happen with the ethernet connection or just WiFi? I'm thinking maybe it could be some sort of interference happening. 


Try relocating your modem, move it away from your TV, Microware, or any smart home device that can cause interference. 

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@NaliniR  I have the similar problem.. Internet keeps dropping during the day and night irrespective of the time. I done most of the troubleshooting and also called Custer care. I have 150mbps download which I have hardly received.. Since the Covid19 times internet service has gone down further..

I have called Customer care so many times but no improvement.. their constant reply is due Covid we can't get you new Router and you may have to downgrade our Modem/router... which I didn't want so declined their offer.. even through the house conectivity varies..

SInce 05th July network became patchy and 6thJuly network extremly bad... I called customer support and their reply was straight away we will ship you new Modem.. I agreed 

I work from home in the nights and to my surprise by 6th evening intenet completley disappered. Now I'm on hold fro more than an hour for customer service/support but no one came on the call so far... I moved to FIdo thinking its a good compnay but I feel cheated..I'm loosing on my work.. and using my data to work from home.. waste of money I feel and cheated .. 

Hey @pankajpschauhan


I'm sorry to hear that. We do indeed interrupt your internet service when processing a modem swap.


However, to avoid extended delays with shipment and no internet access, we've had our technicians book an appointment with our customers to deliver the new modem in person. Was this option provided?


You can always reach out to us at these channels for a follow up on your account's status, as well as the available options for your mobile account's data.

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@FidoSaad no this option is was not provided. Either a store pick which was ruled out due to no stock or Shipping.. my internet is still not working and I'm using my photo data which will be toasted in a day since I'm using it from past 2 days for my work. Due to current situation we are working from home without any Internet.. 

I received 150 Mbps package but I'm getting 32mbps and that too spins every few minutes. I'm feeling extremely sorry that I switched from my previous provider to Fido. I had 50Mbps but no complaints..and icing on the cake customer service has no customer service and support concept..I wouldn't recommend anyone this internet service..

Hey there @pankajpschauhan, welcome to the community!


I will be sending you a PM in order to take a look at this with you!

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I just switched to Fido this past week after 7 years with Rogers. People in my neighborhood would regularly post about issues with their Rogers connection but I never had any problems. Now within a week of switching all hell has broken lose. WiFi is dropping all the time. Even when I am sitting right in front of the modem. It's causing productivity issues as I use it for work. I will see for a few more days or switch back to Rogers. 

Hey @Mazter


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We're sad to read about the difficulties you're having with your home internet. That said, we use the same network as Rogers. It's possible the modem you have is faulty. I'd recommend reaching out to our internet technical support team so they can troubleshoot this with you.