$150 prepaid master card for internet service

$150 prepaid master card for internet service

$150 prepaid master card for internet service

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$150 prepaid master card for internet service

hi I purchased fido Internet service from walmart back in 29th November 2020.

i was told by sales re that i will receive $150 prepaid MasterCard (E-mail) after 6 weeks from the date of purchase.


i still didn't receive any e-mail regarding $150 prepaid card.


please look in to this issue. Thanks




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Hi Fido support team.

I am in a similar situation.

-Started internet service in early December 2020.

- Two an a half months later, I reached out to one of your colleagues, who then provided me with the email with confirmation for signing up for Fido Prepaid Mastercard.

- The email suggested I would be contacted by fido@prepaiddigitalsolutions and your colleague said it would be within two weeks.

- It's been about six weeks since then, no word about it from anywhere.


Please send me a PM or contact in another way, but let's get this sorted out please.





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Hi Fido team,

it's been a week and no response from you here either. It is rather annoying to wait patiently for response for months and get nothing. Was it by any chance a case of false advertising when those gift cards were promised with the signup to the internet packages? Prove me wrong. 



Hello @vicicdra,


If you need help with your internet account, feel free to contact us overthese methods and we'll be happy to help.

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I have been trying to get the mastercard since I signed up Dec. 22. I have called 5 times, escalated multiple times, I posted my sequence of events in a separate post but yea these guys are royally messing up with sending out these cards. 

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Hi there, I have been waiting for mine since December 2020. Have tried all mentioned method but ends up no one reply back my email for quite a few attempts. 
Is there anyway to get this sorted out?

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Did you get your card? Any update?

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Hey @Addadd


I'll send you a PM so we can take a look.


Talk to you soon!

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I'm still waiting for mine also

Hey @Motley107,


The email is sent within 6 weeks after the activation from one of the emails below:


  • fido@prepaiddigitalsolutions.com
  • fido@e.helloworldmail.com 
  • fido@e.helloworldemail.com.


It's important to also check your Spam / Junk folders in case the email gets directed there. Here's what you need to know about the promo:


  • You have 30 days to get your services installed. If you don’t install your services within 30 days, you’ll no longer be eligible for this promotion.
  • You’ll have 45 days from the day you receive the email to register. If you don’t register within 45 days, you’ll no longer be eligible for this promotion.
  • After you’ve successfully registered for the card, electronic gift cards take 2-3 weeks to arrive and the physical card can take up to 4 weeks.
  • Your service must remain active for 30 days to be eligible for Prepaid card.

If it's been more then 6 weeks and you fit the eligibility criteria and haven't received an email yet, let us know and we'll send you a PM to look into it.



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It has been 7 weeks now since I started my fido internet, since then I did'nt receive any gift card or e-mails on how to redeem this. Please reply.

Hey @eveth1130


We moved your post to a similar thread. You should find more information and a solution to your situation. 


Please check into your spam folder for the emails shown in this thread's solution. Let us know if you've been through all the steps and still didn't get the email. We will look further into it then. 

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Hello Claudia


i got my internet setup on Dec8, 2020. Got an email from Fido to register for mastercard on Jan 8,2021. upon successful registration, I got a message that I will get an email from fido@prepaiddigitalsolutions within 2 weeks and they will send the care. 

Its been almost 4 weeks now. Would you please help me in this regard? 
my account is *********



Hey @Ksingh28,


Welcome to the community!


We can definitely review this situation together.


You can reach out by sending us a private message on Facebook or Twitter, or we can alternatively send you a PM here if you prefer!  


Hey @Pravinchandra!


We'll definitely look into this with you. 

Did you already make sure to double-check your spam and junk email folders? 


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i did check my spam and junk email.

i couldn't find any email from fido for $150 MasterCard registration.

can you tell me from what email address should i expect to receive it?

Thank you for checking! I'll send you a PM shortly to look into this with you. 😊



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I've been waiting 4 months for mine and after 3 PMs back and forth I'm told it will be another 10 business days. I've jumped through all of the hoops and I don't see why it can't be escalated and processed faster.


Keep pursuing it. I don't know if they hope people will give up when they don't receive their gift card.

We replied to your PM, @MarleneC. Rest assured that we will help you with this. Smiley 

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Did you get an email to register for your Card? If not I would check your junk mail folders ..  I just go my email for my PP$150MC about 5 days ago. You should have had yours in the first week of Jan or so.. if my timing goes along with yours.


Good luck!