Thread for reporting SMS spam

Thread for reporting SMS spam

Thread for reporting SMS spam

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Thread for reporting SMS spam



  I have been forwarding my spam email-to-SMS to @FidoStephen via PMs to help improve the spam filter for


  Recently, another community member also posted a similar spam SMS they received. Perhaps a thread dedicated to collecting examples of these types of SMS spam might also help improve the spam filter.





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Re: Thread for reporting SMS spam

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Hey everyone,


Thanks so much for taking the time to flag all of these to us.


Now you can send any SMS spam you receive to the number 7726 (SPAM). This will submit the messages to be audited and potentially blocked from the network if confirmed to be spam.


All you need to do is forward the spam SMS to 7726. You can do this easily by pressing and holding on the body of the text and then press the forward button. No additional charges apply for this Smiley


Thanks again for all your help!

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Hey @DavidHicks


Welcome to the Community!


I have moved your message to this thread as it deals with the same topic. 


You,ll find ways to report  SPAM right here.

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Hey everyone, it looks like someone is sending fake text messages to people saying they have redeemed money for you. This looks pretty fake to me but I’m posting it here to get a reply that it is truly fake. Thanks 

Hello @therarego,


That is definitely a spam text, we currently have a thread in the community for reporting these types of spam and what you can do to report it.


You can find the thread here.

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  From what I understand, the WhoCalled service had been discontinued as of June 8th (see here). I received this SMS today so either it's a glitch or I'm guessing SPAM.




Hope this helps Smiley



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Got this today:



Important Notice for the number (778)-321-xxxx
FidoCommunication has sent you FidoDollars (72.56$)

Hey @MartyA


Thanks for flagging this. We are definitely keeping an eye on those spams Smiley

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Hi All,


just received phishing sms.


sender # +1(902) 872 1304




Silent Smiley


Hey @silentbuddha


Thank you for reporting this to us.


I have moved your post in this thread as it deals with the same topic.


You'll find all the information you need right here Smiley

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Your solution does not work if Messenger is your default messaging app. When I press on "forward", it send me on an endless FB loop with no option to send to a 4-digit #! "Send to new group" does not work either.



Hey @BruSkald1


This particular option to forward these messages works by SMS. It will work through the text messaging App that came with the phone. 



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I can’t seem to send this to 7726...734477D4-E0EE-4243-B9AD-F72DA31C7981.png




Sorry for the confusion there @NikoNorth I thought this was the message you received when trying to report a spam. 


@Cawtau is right, this message is indeed coming from us and in regards to a service we offer. As you can see, our text messages might ask you to answer prompts but we do not ask you to fill out or send personal info. 


Hope that helps Smiley

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 It’s from a cellphone. Charlottetown is in PEI and it was sent at 1:36 in the morning...5FD3FD14-3C30-4D7B-9093-C5F73CB8440C.jpeg


Hey @acadiensti


I moved your message here as it was the right fit. 


Thank you for taking the time and flagging this to us. Can you transfer us the text message to 7726 (SPAM)? 


This will help us work towards stopping these kinds of messages! Smiley 

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I tried sending it to the 7726 number. But it saying not deliver. Even try with the # in front nope. Probably my very advanced technological experience the problem.. very sarcastic by the way 😂😅

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Think 🤔 I got it 

Hey @acadiensti


Thanks for flagging the message.  It really helps! Smiley

@NikoNorth wrote:

I can’t seem to send this to 7726...734477D4-E0EE-4243-B9AD-F72DA31C7981.png




Hello NikoNorth,


  Welcome to the community!


  I do not believe that message is SPAM. It appears to be a legitimate service that Fido offers: Email-to-text or Courriel à texto. When someone sends an email to your phone number (, the service can forward the email to your phone as a SMS. Those SMS (as well as the one shown) are sent from one of Fido's short codes with the 305XXXXX format. However, some phones might mistakenly display the first few digits as country or area codes.


  The message asks to respond Oui or Yes because you would have to opt-in for the service.


  That said, if you do decide to opt-in for the service, the emails sent to your phone number may be SPAM.


Hope this helps Smiley



Hey @NikoNorth


Had you copy pasted the message or did you forward it? 


Let me know Smiley 

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I'm a Participant Level 1



I have received Smishing text today. Please see below details. 






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Hey @SMR


Welcome to the Community!


You can transfer this message to the number 7726 (SPAM). By submitting it, it will allow us to audit and block it from the Fido Network.


This can be easily done on most devices by pressing and holding the body of the message, then press the forward button and send to 7726. No additional charges apply.


Thanks a ton!