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What is your phone model and what are your MUST HAVE Apps?

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Hello everybody.  I would like to know what phone you are using, and what are your MUST HAVE Apps that you use often, or in some peoples cases NEED badly to survive, lol.


Let me start with mine.


Im using an LG G3 smart phone. Its not the newest model which is okay with me as I am financially conscious and dont need the latest gadgets but something better than entry level for sure.


My MUST HAVE apps are as follows:

- Fido MyAccount (to check my bill, data usage, etc.)

- BBM BlackBerry Bessenger (gotta keep in touch with Friends and Famiglia)

- Email

- Flipp (flyers for shopping)

- Facebook (it came preinstalled on my phone so I had no choice, I swear, lol)

- Gas Buddy (this is a must have)

- McAfee (gotta watch out for viruses and malware)

- RBC Mobile (banking on the go is a must)

- (need to follow the housing market)

- Shazam

- Skype (who can say no to video calling with your Famiglia)

- SlingPlayer (live tv on the go)

- Tunein Radio


There you have it. Incase your wondering, no I dont play games, I dont use twitter or google plus, I use my phone moderately when time permits but im by no means addicted.


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Former Moderator

Hey everyone Smiley


How did I not see this thread sooner!!


Currently using an iPhone 6 Plus, still going strong .


I just happened to do a clean up of my Apps and here are some I could not let go of:

Instagram, My Account , bank App ,Skype , Trip Advisor , WhatsApp , Spotify and Hay Day ( yes big fan of this game Tongue ) .


Voila for me! @FidoNick @FidoClaudia what are some of your Apps of the moment? 

Hey everyone!


Since @FidoRanya called me out, I guess I have to share my own must-have apps Wink


I'm currently using the iPhone 6S Plus, and there's some apps I just can't live without!


For starters, it's a must to keep up with my Social Media.This means apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are definitely at the top of my list!


There's a few others though Smiley Definitely can't live without Spotify, WhatsApp, my Starbucks app, banking app, and my guilty pleasure, Candy Crush!


Oh, and I can't forget the Maps app because my sense of direction is non-existent Sad


What about everyone else, what are your must-haves?


Still waiting on @FidoClaudia for hers, and I'd love to hear from @FidoMaria Very_Happy







@FidoNick How nice of you to invite me to the conversation. Wink


I'm currently using an iPhone 7 Plus - a tad bit too big for my little face - but awesome nonetheless!


Apps I can't live without are obviously my social media apps for stalking (Facebook and Instagram specifically), Messenger, BBM to keep in touch with @FidoKenny and @FidoManuel, Spotify because music = life, YouCam Perfect because who doesn't like a good selfie, and my banking app (totally eliminates the scare of having my bank card declined).


@FidoClaudia, we're still waiting for your answers! Tongue

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Apps I STOPPED using this year:






New Apps I started using after I posted this list:


Green P


Google Home

I Heart Radio


Manulife Group benefits

my Sun Life

OLG Lottery


Hey gang Very_Happy Just thought I'd put in my 2 cents as well!


Currently rocking out on the Huawei Nova Plus! 


I'm pretty big on Social Media apps, so logging in daily to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Linkedln, Tumblr, etc.


For Music, I'm hopelessly devoted to Spotify!


As for Photo Editing, I'm all about using Photo Editor Pro, PicsArt & SquarePic 


*** PowerDirector is a really awesome app for video editing too!


From my phone, I'm able to group all of my apps in different categories, so in my "Financial Apps Folder", you'll find my Fido MyAccount app, Uber, Paypal, Amazon Shopping & Ipsy (monthly make-up subscription). 


Can't forget the last but not least: Gmail, Youtube & Netflix Smiley


Would love to hear more about apps other people are using! 




For me, on my iPhone 5C it's:


  • Reddit
  • Authy (for 2 factor authentification, which I really recommend if your app/service supports it)
  • Tangerine (banking app)
  • Relaxia
  • Scanbot
  • Mail
  • Spotify
  • Feedly (for RSS feeds, news, blogs)
  • Google Maps
  • Youtube

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

Some of you fido memebers might be a tad upset at my applications because of my low phone bill.
Let me start with I only use DATA services, I do not use calling or SMS\MMS

I have 3GB at $15/mth
LG G4 on Tablet Plan

I will start with my comunincation applications.

This is why I do not pay 45$ for a Phone\Textplan
-NextPlus <---- Free Canadien Number, With Free texts in and out + Free Incalls <-- I pay 10$/year for number lock and no advertisments. Yes it does crash and yes it can be buggy. But I can't beat that price. plus I only text a few people and I've been able to hold my job down with nextplus.  
-Google Hangouts <----- iMessage for Android users <---Every android user has this application preloaded, Compatable with iphone users as they can download it from the iso store. 
-Google Hangouts Dialer <----- a simple little plug in that adds an out going call page to Google Hangouts. It lets me call any number in canada or the usa for free. It also will clone your SIM number so you can have the same out going caller ID. 
-Facebook Messenger <--The only application I use that could be conceidered facebook. I use this because the majority of my frends use this application for messaging. So I have to use it to be in contact with them 
-TextNow <---Excat same as nextplus but I use it for kijiji and such. 

Now for my Applications I use 

-Spoitifiy - I got a 2 year pemium member ship as a gift a while ago. It has aesop rock , the greatest rap artist that ever lived.  If you like Steven king's The shineing, Your gonna Love aesop rock's album the imposable kid. The youtube live stream of it is a literal recreation of the movie with home made litle people. 
-MyBoy! <--I have the premium payed verson of this GameBoy Advance emulator. <---Its how I play Real pokemon on my phone. 
-VLC <--This is how I play my "ilegaly" downloaded movies on my phone
-Youtube <---My poor Wifi usage is crazy......80-90GB a mth

I would tell you my other apps but my phone screen just litarly died. So now i cant see it holy **bleep**..... wow

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Former Moderator
Hey @Anonymous!

Good question, I would have to say:
Facebook, Chrome, Twitch and Spotify ( from my Pulse plan ) Tongue

And I'm using the Samsung Galaxy s6.

Hey @Anonymous


I love this

I'm still using the Sony M4. My Must Have apps are:


- My Account

- Chrome

- Bank app

- BlackJack (Can't live without my blackjack) 

- FB

- Imgur

- Dropbox

- All the Google apps (Gmail, YT, etc.)

- LiveScore (best soccer scores app ever)

- PitchLab Pro

- Outlook

- NHL 

- Scrollable News

- Sudoku


- Twitter

- UStream



Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)

I'm still using the G3 too, @Anonymous! I haven't seen a reason to upgrade yet since it's holding up just fine Smiley


EDIT: Upgraded to the G6 Wink


My app list:


- My Account

- Banking app

- Spotify

- Instagram

- FB

- YouTube

- TheScore

- Messenger

- Gmail, Hangouts...

- Chrome

- Skype

- Amazon

- Flipboard


- Uber

- WeatherUnderground

- Dropbox

I'm qualified level 1
I'm qualified level 1
Hi @Anonymous I m near update but still kicking my lg g3 hold on weighting updates towards either pixel 2 or lg 6 or lg v30 POled. My 5 must have apps recommend, aside google apps, automation and media stream apps & (why) My account Fido ( 5 hours Data+) Google Duo (E2E) instead of messenger Text Fairy (any text in pic to text editing) Quickmemo+ ( compact easy transport) Castbox (all podcast one place) Ok and Programming Kit by AIO Programmer Smiley Everything that as a website access aside app I ll use site over app e.g. shoppersdrugmart, edx Less permission less updates

I have an iPhone X and my go-to apps are:

- Photos

- Maps

- Amazon

- Google Keep

- Google + and Hangouts

- Tapatalk

- Telegram X

- Slack

- Fido My Account (duh!)
- Facebook

- Red Flag Deals

- Twitter
- Instagram

- Apple Music

- Youtube

- News

- TD Canada

- Capital One
- Uber

I have plenty more (101 in total) but these are the one I use on a daily basis.