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Fido app now requires complete login to open

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

I assume that the Fido app was updated? It's so inconvenient to have to enter my username and password every time I want to open the app. I have uninstalled a couple of times and no improvement. This is happening with both phones. Please fix this! So frustrating!


I'm qualified level 3
I'm qualified level 3

After updating to version 4.14.0, I was experiecing the same issue with the login window appearing during each app launch. I was able to re-vert my Fido app to the original app experience by completing the following:


  1. Reinstall Fido My Account app
  2. Logged in with my phone number and password
  3. Once on the app homepage, tap on the "MORE" tab at the bottom
  4. Under the MORE tab, tap on "Settings"
  5. Tap on "Sign In Using Fido Wireless Phone Number"
  6. Type in your 9-digit phone number and the 4-digit verification code sent by text message


Now the Fido MyAccount app operates as it previously did and no login window appears with each app launch! With respects to the long loading times at app launch, my app typically takes 3-5 seconds to open on an iPhone 8. Speed is typically the exact same on WIFI vs cellular data.


@FidoPhilippe I just updated the Fido and now I'm required to log in every time I open the app and after logging in it does not even go to my number it defaults to the number at the top of the list because Fido lists the numbers in numerical order.


Hey @Donnale! Philippe here. I hope you're doing well. Smiley


Thanks for the feedback! I'll be happy to see what I can do to help you.


We've made some changes since your last post; can you tell us if you're still having the same problem please? If so, can you try to uninstall and reinstall the app once again and let us know if that works?


If you're still experiencing problems after that, please contact us here or request a PM from the community for assistance.

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

I just un/reinstalled. Same thing. Login comes up and shows my password as several 0000's

Hello Donnale,


  Welcome to the community!


  When I had issues with the app crashing following the update (, I had to uninstall and re-install and the app started to work properly. Yes, that version did require to log in every time I accessed the app. However, they have since released another update (ver When first updated, the app does appear to require a login every time. They do appear to have a new option, though (it may have been available for the previous release but I didn't notice it). Underneath the login section, there is an option for not account holder. Selecting that option, the app operates as before: enter phone number, receive a code to use the app. You should then be able to access information (except for billing details) without having to log in. While I am the account holder, I prefer to not have to login every time so I chose the not account holder option. If I do require to access further information, I can choose to log in.


  If your version of the app doesn't provide that option, you might consider trying to manually update the app.


Hope this helps 😀




I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

I logged on as "not an account holder" as you suggested and it works without logging in every time. Thanks! But why...after all I do have an account! Only thing now is that it takes a really long time to open 😴 

Hey @Donnale,


To clarify, are you opening the app on wi-fi or while using your data?


Let us know! 

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

Wifi...but there's never been a difference before 

It can be the connection at times, as the app does run on data or wi-fi. From our end, everything is okay with the speed of the app. I suggest using the app with your mobile data to see if it changes the speed.