5 extra hours free data not working

5 extra hours free data not working

5 extra hours free data not working

I'm a Participant Level 1

5 extra hours free data not working



I keep getting the error message that my phone is not connected to the Fido network, and I need to connect to the Fido network in order to access my 5 extra hours free data. The exact error message is "No connection - Please connect to the Fido network to use your 5 Extra Hours of Data" However I am already connected to the Fido network when this happens, so the error message does not make sense. The other error message that I get sometimes when I try to activate my 5 extra hours free data is "Something went wrong - Sorry, we've hit a snag. Please check back later" . I have been trying to access my 5 extra hours free data for months. Please help me. 


I have already tried all previously posted solutions on this community board. I have already tried to close the Fido app and restart it. I have also deleted the Fido app and reinstalled it. I have also tried restarting my phone, but I still have the same error message each time. I am running iOS14.4.2


Hey @tijl! Philippe here. I hope you're doing well. Smiley


To help you with your free data, I recommend you contact us here so we can take a closer look and escalate the matter if needed. Alternatively, you can also request a PM from the community for assistance.

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So I am having the same problem and your suggestion to go the support page is unhelpful as it simply lead directly back here.


  Provide some real feedback on why the issue ia occuring it is obviously not and isolated incident.

Hey @Junoweed! Philippe here. Welcome to the community. Smiley


Can you confirm what you mean by the support page please? The link provided above leads to our contact page. I recommend you do contact us if you've already tried to uninstall/reinstall the app and are having the same problem as the original poster. We can then gather more information as properly escalate this for you through your account.


You can also request a PM from the community for support as well.

I'm a Participant Level 2

Hi philippe.


Your link was to the contact page, which shows some options but the most immediately useful one is to post here and ask for help. And your response to posting here and asking for help was to tell the person to go back to that contact page and try some other way of fixing their problem.  And yes DM is a thing, but why?  Why not post the phone number or email address or the link to the live chat to show how to get help now, immediately? Its curiously unhelpful is all I'm saying.


Also by the way  none of those other options presented any useful solution to the problem. I talked to a technitian directly and they were unable to fix the problem.  Buecause the only problem is that you have update the app and change the way it functions for login. Goodness know why you would keep the user who logged in as the selected user to show remaining data etc. Dont know dont care.


Any one having this problem with multiple numbers tied to one account, make sure to use the drpp down selection to your phone number in the upper left. To use extra data, to see your line remaining data etc etc. If you are not selected to your own number you will get nothing but errors.



Hey @Junoweed!


The link does refer to the Contact Us page, and from there are all the available options to contact customer care. You can reach them via social media, Live Chat, or by phone. All these options and contact information can be found on that page.


We understand that the Community is also an option on the Contact Us page however the goal of our Community is to offer peer to peer support. As this seemed to be account specific and requires access to your account, we do suggest reaching out to customer care directly.


That said, when logging in to the app, as you mentioned, there's an option to log in as a subscriber in order to view an individual line. It can be accessed clicking where it says "not the account holder".


Hope that helps!