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Resolved! Will my phone work on the Fido network?

Hello,   Your device must be compatible with the Fido/Rogers network, which uses:   GSM ~ EDGE (2G) ~ on band 5 (850MHz). UMTS or WCDMA ~ HSPA (3G) / HSPA+ (4G) ~ on band 5 (850 MHz).   To access LTE, the device must be compatible with one or more o...

Cawtau by Senior MVP
  • 63 replies

Got a new phone

I purchased a new phone (iPhone SE) one week ago, and I still haven't recieved anything but a confirmation that my phone will be here in one week, and it isn't. Who should I contact to to get information about this?

Phone sending texts out of order

Sometimes when I send multiple texts in a short window, they are sent out of order. To me, it appears that they are sent correctly, but the recipient gets them in a strange order. This has been happening for at least 2 months. Phone model: Samsung Ga...

xiulianz by I'm a participant level 1
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Resolved! Are phones sold by Fido unlocked?

I'm about to buy a Samsung S20 online (, and I'm just wondering if it's unlocked? In addition, are all phones sold by them unlocked? If not, how do you get them unlocked and for how much?

sanders333 by I'm a participant level 3
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Question about the Huawei Mediapad T5 10

Does the Huawei Mediapad T5 10 (new with 32gigs as opposed to preowned with only 16gigs) come with full Google apps?  Some Huawei products sold after May 2019 have no access to the Google Play store and its apps.  This tablet has been available since...