Samsung Galaxy S10 availability

Samsung Galaxy S10 availability

Samsung Galaxy S10 availability

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Samsung Galaxy S10 availability



With today's (Feb. 20) release of the Samsung Galaxy S10, when will Fido have it available for purchase?


As well, will the device come unlocked?


Thank you.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S10 availability

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  The Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10, and S10+ are now available to reserve on the website.



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all devices sold in canada since 2018 are unlocked, if brand new.

Hey Community!


Just wanted to follow up regarding the Samsung S10 and the pricing around it.


We want our customers to get the devices they want at great prices. From time to time, depending on unique arrangements with each supplier for each device, our pricing could be different from what is available directly through the manufacturer.


Keep in mind that getting the phone through us allows you to get the phone subsidized so you can pay a lower up-front cost.


Hope this helps! Smiley

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  The Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10, and S10+ are now available to reserve on the website.





  I was trying to reserve one of the Samsung S10+'s in Prism Blue. Unfortunately, that option was not available when trying to reserve via My Account. However, the option is available on the Samsung S10+ page. Following the reserve option on that page led to a technical error. Is the Prism Blue not available for pre-order?



Hey @Cawtau


I have checked and we offer the Samsung Galaxy S10+ in black and white for the 128 GB model and in Black Ceramic for the 512 GB. 


The blue option is only available for the S10 and S10e.


If I check on my end, the website only shows the black and white options for the S10+. Would you happen to have the page where you saw the blue option? We'd love to look into this and make sure we can get it fix. 


Keep us posted Smiley 

Hello FidoPamela,


  This is the page showing the Prism Blue for the Galaxy S10 Plus:

S10 Plus.jpg

~taken from here.


  I guess looking back, the colour itself is black but it says Colour BLUE...


  I understand you wouldn't know if, and when, Fido might carry the Prism Blue version. I am hesitant to pre-order from Samsung Canada with the previous issues regarding Wifi-calling and voLTE possibly not working on non-Fido devices. That said, there is sadly no benefit for me to pre-order the device. Since I would be purchasing the device outright (I've been saving for a new phone since my S5), I cannot avail of the trade-in offer since I would be keeping my BYOP plan. Regardless, I would probably wish to keep my S5 anyway.


  Frankly, I'm disappointed with Samsung Canada. Both Samsung US and Samsung UK (possibly other regions as well) are offering Free Galaxy Buds -- in addition to any trade-in bonuses -- with pre-order. We, Canadians, get the short end of the stick Angry


  Thanks for the information! Smiley



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I too would like to pre-order the unlocked S10+, but was wondering why the Fido price is $30 more than rival suppliers... $1449 vs. $1419.99



  I just checked the price for the Galaxy S10+ on the website. What's the reason the price went from $1449 to a whopping $1575 no term? The original price was already more than from the Samsung Canada website. Why the price increase??


  I was already not going to pre-order because there was absolutely no incentive given to me to do so. Now, there's even less reason!


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Hey there @readytorock, @Cawtau,


We provide price plans with subsidies to lower the upfront price of devices, making them more affordable and accessible. You can also combine that with ongoing or targeted promotions available on your account/line for added value.


In regard to the difference in price, device manufacturers will generally have lower cost structures and will therefore be able to sell their devices outright at a lower price to consumers.


Hope this clarifies, and let us know if you have any questions.

Hello FidoSaad,


  Thank you for the explanation. However, isn't that our point? Why should there be a cost structure with the outright purchase of a device? Shouldn't it be the MSRP? The phones are not being subsidised, so what cost structure is there? Why did that price jump from the one originally offered by Fido? Sure, that list price is only suggested... With most other things, people will just purchase direct from the manufacturer. However, in this case, we risk not being able to use certain features if the phones are not purchased from Fido.

  I truly do not understand the business decision to mark up the cost for an outright purchase of those devices. Many people will want to purchase directly from Samsung Canada. Fido is essentially charging $200 for the use of Wifi-calling and/or voLTE. That's a little steep just to be able to use those services. The cost of services should be for services; the cost of devices should just be for the devices. Having to pay more for the same device just to be able to use those services is not appreciated.


Still disappointed and perplexed Puzzled



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Thanks a lot for providing the information Cawtau!


We forwarded this to the proper team🙂


If you'd like to go over our upgrade options, feel free to contact us here, we'd be happy to help! 

Hello FidoJo,


  Thanks, but I won't be pre-ordering the phone after all. There is just no incentive for me to do so. If Fido included the Free Galaxy Buds -- like Samsung US or Samsung UK -- then I probably would pre-order despite the lack of a Prism Blue version. However, as it stands, it just feels like people who do not have a trade-in are being discriminated against. The promotions are supposed to entice people to pre-order the devices. Sadly, this one is just telling me not to bother.  I've waited this long to get a new phone. I guess I can wait a little while longer.


Have a great day! Smiley



While we can definitely get where you're coming from, it is absolutely not our intention to give you this kind of impression!


As you know, all promotions we offer have some eligibility requirements, and, for this one, a 2-year term is required.


That said, we, of course, value your input here. It's always appreciated, Cawtau! Smiley

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so any 2 year term with those BYOD plan is eligible for the $300 credit for the s10?

Hello Oboreo_,


@oboreo_ wrote:

so any 2 year term with those BYOD plan is eligible for the $300 credit for the s10?

  Bring your own phone (BYOP or BYOD) plans are month-to-month and are not available as 2-year contracts. To be eligible for the additional credit, it would need to be on a 2-year Small, Medium, Large, XL, or XXL plan.


Hope this helps Smiley



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all phones must come unlocked since the beginning of 2018


in the Live Stream they said pre-orders start February 21st and available to buy from March 8, im guessing it was for the US but might be the same for Canada