LG G6 wifi Calling dropping calls

LG G6 wifi Calling dropping calls

LG G6 wifi Calling dropping calls

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LG G6 wifi Calling dropping calls

Have a new Fido lg G6. Need wifi calling at home due to poor cell phone coverage. Wifi calling works but calls are dropped every 3 to 15 minutes. Within 5 seconds the wifi calling is back on and I can call again. Spent time with Fido chat (3 times) who were not able to resolve problem. They transferred me to Roger’s technical support. They tried taking wifi calling off my account and reinstalling. Problem persists. 


Telus is my internet provider. For nearly two years Wi-Fi calling worked with iPhone. New Fido lg g6 purchased February 14 and has been dropping calls ever since. Seems it is not the internet but the phone or Fido network. Has anyone else had this problem?  Is there a solution or do I live with it or take the phone back?





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My LG G7 has been dropping wifi calls for over 4 months now . Fido NOR Rogers can fix it . I am going to cancel for lack of service . 

Hey @cjjohnst!


Do you know if this happens with specific phone calls to certain numbers, or does it happen with all calls while on Wi-Fi calling (both incoming and outgoing) ?


Also, when you mention Fido and Rogers cannot fix it, do you mean that you spoke with our tech support directly? Do you know if a ticket was opened?


Keep us posted Smiley


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I have read through the 33 posts on this topic and I am ALL IN with the same issue!!!


I just moved to a high rise condo in Etobicoke on the waterfront with terrible cell reception. Calls would either not even ring through or drop every few minutes.  My old phone did not support WIFI calling so I got a new LG G6 in early March.  I also set up a 3 node Google Mesh system that gives me excellent coverage throughout.  When I tried using it I got the same results - calls would drop every few minutes.  Tried Fido support for hours, they turned me over to Rogers support - MANY more hours without success.  Rogers suggested I turn off LTE mode to improve reception.  This actually works - especially if I press my face against the window when I am on the phone.


However, I think this may not be a problem exclusive to LG.  I have the same issue with my wife's Samsung S6.  Please Fido, fix the problem.  If it is not resolved by the end of June I am switching carriers.

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BTW is there anyone out there who has WIFI calling working?

Let's try a survey:


Have you tried WIFI calling with Fido?


If you tried WIFI calling:


A - What phone have you tried it with?


If it is working:


   1. How long you have had it working?


   2.  Is it working 100% of the time?


   3. Was it working out of the box?  If not, how did you get it working?


If WIFI calling with Fido is NOT working for you:


   4. Have you contacted Fido for support?  Could you share the results?


Maybe we can get some traction if we get enough responses.

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Our family has 3 Fido phones.  Two iPhones (SE and 6s) have worked on wifi calling always. iPhone for over two years. 


LG G6 drops calls on Wifi calling. Have had LG phone for nearly two years and it has always done this. 


Bought a second G6 from Fido and it dropped calls. Worked with Fido and Rogers and even LG. None had ever heard of this problem and none could help so I returned the phone. 


Any solution would be appreciated since we still have 1LG that drops wifi calls 

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Thank you fido to have fixed wifi calling on my phone!! Yay!

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Awesome @Wired


Thanks for keeping us posted. 


Hey @bettyjane! Thanks for your post. Smiley


To help you out here, we would need to confirm few details with you.


1. Is the OS on your phone up-to-date?


2. Have you tried to restore the phone?


3. Have you noticed any issues with the Wi-Fi connection on the phone (the connection may be resetting)?


Let us know.

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My phone is only 12 days old. The OS is up to date. No problems with the internet. I have done a network reset but not a total phone restore. 


My my wife has the same phone and has had it for over a year.  Same problem with dropping Wi-Fi calls. I like the LG G6 except for this call dropping problem. I am making my mind about about returning the phone before the 15 day time period is up so I can get a complete refund. 


IPhone 5s and SE worked for a couple of years without this problem so I may have to go back to an iPhone. Hope not but this issue is a deal killer. 


I will I’ll try the total restore but it is a considerable pain backing all data up so it can be restored and I don’t hold out much hope for success. 

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I did a factory data reset on the new LG G6. Started it up again and initiated Wi-Fi calling. My first call lasted 3 minutes and the second was 9 minutes. I used my son’s iPhone SE to test wifi calling and I terminated the call after 30 minutes.


Seems that the problem lies with the LG G6. I can’t figure it out but it is not the internet connection. Fido/Rogers tech support can’t solve either. This forum is last hope. Back to iPhone I guess. Would rather not but no/poor Fido cell phone coverage in my house and yard. Android has not worked while iPhone has. 


Any my ideas or suggestions on resolving LG G6 wifi call dropping would be appreciated.


Does anyone else with LG G6 have this problem?  Both my LG G6 phones have this problem. 

Hey @bettyjane


I have the same phone, I just tested Wifi Calling and the same thing happened; the call dropped after 11 minutes. 


Let's open a ticket in your account to see what's going on. 


You'll receive a PM shotly. 

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FidoRachel - thank you for your attention and effort on this.  Have filled out the form and sent it



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Fido moderators have been helping me in PM mode but it is clear that there is little hope for a solution. Received a landline message from Rogers so went to their website as they had requested which led to a chat room.


Fido told me that the first work order had been closed and marked as resolved.  I told them that nothing had been resolved so they opened a new work order. Well Rogers is closing the new work order and I guess marking as resolved. Said that issue appeared to be end user Wi-Fi. Not true - used iphone ecently to confirm that iPhone wifi calling works and it did. 


Rogers said it could be a handset problem.  If so Rogers/Fido should resolve as I don’t have technical capability. Rogers has referred me back to Fido which is kind of how I got on this forum to begin with. 


Rogers appears to supply tech support to Fido. But they are unable or unwilling to solve wifi calling drop offs and appear only to want to close the ticket. If Fido opens another ticket, Rogers will close it. I am in an endless loop.


solution for me is to return the Fido phone for a full refund and either get an iPhone or migrate to Koodo as reception on Telus/Koodo is not a problem n my house.


Thanks for trying Fido but with Rogers tech backing you up, I don’t see how you will ever get anything resolved. 







We'd hate to see you go because of this! 


I understand that this is not the best experience with your new phone but, I assure you we're looking into this for you and will get back to you as soon as we have more information. 

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I will continue to monitor this. Let me know if you find a solution. 


Since iphone does not drop calls the problem must lie with Fido network or LG G6 handset. 


Thanks for for your help. 



Hey there @bettyjane


We received an update. Replying to your PM to continue from where we left off Smiley

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We have been working a lot in PM so thought I would update the community on where we stand. 


First, I returned one LG G6 on day 15 for a full refund and got an iPhone. I used the iPhone for wifi calling and it works. iPhone dues not drop calls. 


Fido continues to try to resolve the call dropping issue since we still have one LG G6 phone that drops calls when in wifi calling mode.


Per Fido's request, last night I made wifi calls from a network other than the one at my house. The result was the same as it dropped calls 3 times in about a half hour test. 


I have given Fido every bit of info they requested and will attempt to do whatever they ask. 


So I wait while Fido works to resolve the problem. Fido opened two work orders and sent them to Rogers for technical support. The first one was closed and marked as resolved by Rogers!  NOT


The second one was closed by Rogers and they told me there was nothing they could do as it was a wifi problem at my house or a handset problem neither of which they could help with. They told me to talk to Fido which is what I have done. 


So I wait and hope Fido's efforts are successful.  I will let you know.

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It has been a busy 3 weeks online with Fido chat and Fido community forums and Rogers chat line and forum and LG chat room. I have gone from IPhone to Android and back to IPhone. I thank every one involved for their help in attempting to resolve the issue.


But the LG G6 continues to drop calls when in wifi calling mode. It is not my internet or apparently Fido network. Seems to be a problem with my LG G6 phone. And the LG G6 phone that I returned. And the LG G6 phone used by Fido Rachel. I suspect, but do not know, that this is a problem with all LG G6 phones


Reason I need wifi calling is because of the very poor Fido cell coverage at my house. Without wifi calling I can seldom to never make or receive phone calls in my house or yard. I worked with Fido to resolve the issue but it is just too big of a problem for us to get a solution. 


I have 3 lines with Fido but will be moving them to Koodo now and as the contracts expire. I am doing this because Telus/Koodo have excellent coverage in Sooke due to many cell towers.  Fido has one cell tower on the east side of Sooke Basin that is 5.3 km from my house and their next nearest tower is 14 km away per Rogers tech support.


i am moving on to cell a company that has excellent coverage in my area. Thus I will not be forced to use an iPhone so that wifi calling can be used to compensate for unacceptable Fido cell coverage at my house. I can choose iPhone or Android. 


Again a big thank you to everyone that tried to help me. 


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I have the exact same issue with LG G6 it only started after the last update or the previous one before that it worked fine for 1 year.

The problem happens on more than one Wi-Fi network so I know it's not Wi-Fi.

It's one of the last 2 updates caused it.

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Hey @Adelos


Welcome to the Community. 

Can you confirm with us if you've tried resetting the phone to factory settings since this started happening?