LG G6 audio quality issue

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LG G6 audio quality issue

I recently got the G6 from Fido, and haven't really talked much on it. But whwnever I make/receive a call, the participant always tells me that he/she cannot hear my voice clearly, or it breaks up. I have used it in the same places/environments where I used my previous G3 without any complaints, so this is not a coverage/area issue definitely.


I would appreciate some more info on this. Anyone else experiencing it? Is it a software/baseband issue or a hardware fault? 


What are the possible solutions?



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Re: LG G6 audio quality issue

Hello Aqm_android,


  It appears that call quality is a common issue with LG phones. In some cases, others have also noted that call quality was worse in the G6 than in the G3. One thing you might consider trying is to change the Noise Suppression and Call Clarity settings. You should be able to find those settings under: Call settings --> Advanced --> More.


  There are conflicting reports as to which position (enabled or disabled) works best. Some people have claimed that enabling the settings solved their issues while others had to disable the settings. You'll just have to test it out for yourself.



@@aqm_android wrote:...Right now, I am standing beside a window on the 3rd floor that overlooks a field, that is, in an open area, and I can see only 2 or 2.5 signal bars..

  Do you see those signal levels when you are on a call or when the phone is in standby? Are you trying to make those calls with voice-over-LTE (voLTE) or the traditional '3G' or 2G networks? If you're not using voLTE, the calls can only be transmitted via the UMTS ('3G') or GSM (2G) networks. Phones will likely connect to LTE while in standby, but then have to switch networks when making or receiving calls. You might notice a different in signal strength during calls. Depending on your location relative to the cellular towers, it can be normal for the LTE signal to be lower. It has to do with the differing characteristices of the various frequencies used. I have previously discussed the phenomenon in some earlier posts.


  Do you know where the cellular towers are located near location? You can get an idea of your surrounding towers here. If the closest cellular tower is behind your building (ie opposite to the field you're overlooking), standing beside the window will not likely improve signal because the signals have to go through the building to get to your phone. Do you get the same issue outdoors? How about at different locations?


Hope this helps :Smiley:



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Re: LG G6 audio quality issue

I have been using it for the past 2 weeks or so with Noise Suppression OFF, and its working well. No one has complained anymore about my voice.


Thanks everyone for your tips and advice.

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Re: LG G6 audio quality issue

That's awesome! Thanks so much for keeping us updated. Don't hesitate to reach out to the community again if you have any other questions. Smiley  Also, feel free to accept Cawtau's post about noise suppression as a solution to help others who might have the same situation.  

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Re: LG G6 audio quality issue

@aqm_android thanks for the testing feedback. I just turned off the Noise Suppressin and left Voice Clarity on. Hopefully this should do it. I was so frustrated with call quality and had even considered doing a factory reset at one time but I was pretty certain that would not solve my issue. 


@Cawtau you deserve to be MVP!!

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