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IMEI registration on Fido database

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

I would like to try to register my IMEI for vowifi please. I realize it's not going to be officially supported by Fido. Please PM me



Hello @mnorouzi,


Do you mean VoLTE? Fido has allowed compatible non-Fido devices to use that feature but you will need to contact customer service and they have to do some configuration on their end to get the feature working.


The phone also has to be a device Fido officially supports and they do not support WiFi calling on non-Fido phones but so far I've seen other users got both VoLTE and WiFi calling working after speaking to a technician.


So if the device you have is one that Fido supports then you can reach out to customer service through any of the available methods listed here to get started.

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

So it should be those specific device?

Nothing other than those one works?


Why Fido should do that. I have two devices that I got from Fido and I used my own unlocked device that is not Fido device as my primary phone with Fido sim in it.


So why shouldn't I be able to use the services that I'm already paying for them.


They want us to buy the phone from them. Ok I bought two, it should be something linked to your number and account nottnot the device. This is ridiculous. 

Hello again @mnorouzi.,


Every make and model phones are different Fido can not support a device that they do not carry. Think of it as taking a Honda to a Lexus dealer to get support.


The features are active on our accounts, depending on the device we use once the system detects its a compatible supported device the features will be active on the device.


I am however not a fan of them not allowing the features or at least now making us jump through hoops to get the features working on devices we buy ourselves that they do support.


What is the make and model of the phone you are trying to use? 

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

It's not about the supported phone 

Every new and flagship phone have the WiFi calling ability and those setting inside the phone. It's not like Fido add anything to their phone inorder to make WiFi calling works. 


I don't have volte or wifi calling on my phone.

It's not fair for customers and it's not a good marketing scheme as well. They just doing this as an exclusive benefit for those who buys their phones 


But I bought their phone. I just don't use it as my daily driver. I bought Samsung S9 that I don't use. 

It's on my Fido plan. 

My main phone is my OnePlus 6 that I put Fido simcard in it. 


It does have the setting related to WiFi calling and volte in the setting menu but the Fido doesnt allow the IMEI to be registered on their database inorder to make it work.


So your answer about the cars and different dealership doesn't make any sense to me. 


It's just unfair. Plain and simple.


Hello Mnorouzi,


  Welcome to the community!



@mnorouzi wrote: It's not about the supported phone...

  It is about whether the device is supported on the networks or not. There's a difference between a device supporting those features and the network supporting those devices. You can view the supported devices here and here.



@mnorouzi wrote:.. They just doing this as an exclusive benefit for those who buys their phones...

  That is not true. You can purchase a supported device from elsewhere. Some of the mobile providers recently allowed Wifi-calling and voLTE on grey-market devices. That is, devices which have been tested on the networks but were not necessarily purchased from a particular mobile provider. Unforunately, OnePlus devices are not grey-market and are not supported for Wifi-calling or voLTE on the networks because they have not been tested on the networks.


  People posting and replying in similar threads in these forums seem to believe that it's only Fido (and possibly Rogers) who limit those services. However, other sources suggest the other providers might be doing the same. Truth is, I don't know what is the policy of the other providers. This article suggests that at least one other provider also might have limited those services, until recently. Note however, the document to which they refer specifies that non-Telus refers to ‘grey-market’ or ‘inter-carrier’ devices, such as those purchased from another carrier (ie Bell or Rogers).


  OnePlus devices simply have not been certified for use on the networks. Sure, the basic services work, but for Wifi-calling and voLTE services to work properly, there needs to be collaboration between the device manufacturers and the providers. OnePlus would need to approach the mobile providers to have their devices tested and approved for use on the networks. As far as I am aware, they have only partnered with T-Mobile in the US. From a little while ago, but see response from OnePlus support team here. You might consider contacting OnePlus and request they start testing their devices on Canadian networks.


Hope this helps 😀






I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

Hello and thanks for your answer.


But your answer shows even higher level of ignorant. It's not my problem and it's not fido's call to tell me what type of phone I should use to give me obvious services. This is against Canada's own crtc regulations.


I didn't say other companies don't do that ( they don't btw ) your reference is not accurate.


You can ask any telecommunication and network expert and they will tell you that there is no difference between two phones that both support WiFi calling and both support same network standards and same features and same everything.


Read this sentence again.

Fido don't add anything to their phones that they can't do it on other phones. And yet for so many years they didnt even allowed to nonfido supported phones to use those services. (For example any supported phone that you didn't buy from them)



Your answer is a perfect answer for those people who have no knowledge about these services and how they work, but not for me my friend. 



This shows how hard Fido tries to shut down any rational voices and complain of their own royal customer.


I have plenty reason to love my mobile carrier. Fido have so many good things that made me stay with them for so long. 

But it's my right to call them out when they are doing something illegal or unprecedented. Because I think this kind of practices will hurt them eventually. 


So before answering on behalf of them please do some research about the matter to see if their reasoning is rational or not. 


Even Fido knows about this. That's why when anybody asked them about this here or elsewhere they just say those phone are not supported and never say what about them is not supported. What's the difference and technical barrier here.


That's why it's so ridiculous that they continue to do this and ban customers from their own rights and services that they are already paying for. 

Hello again,


@mnorouzi wrote:..This is against Canada's own crtc regulations...

  It doesn't go against any CRTC regulations. Have you contacted the CRTC? I have.


Actual quote from correspondence:


"... the CRTC does not intervene in retail terms of services for wireless services (besides provisions included in the Wireless Code).


We usually encourage consumers to compare the products and services of different providers in their area and look for a company that can best match their needs."


  You are able to use your phone for regular calls and access to data. Features like Wifi-calling and voLTE are not outlined in the Wireless code. Unlike with locked devices, customers are not tied to Fido. No one is making you stay with Fido. If you do not have a contract with them, you are free to switch providers.


  As mentioned above, OnePlus devices are not supported on the networks because they have not been tested on the networks.


  Careful, discussion regarding changing IMEIs could be viewed as violating the Community's Terms of use.




I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

You wrote your answer on my thread and it was not accurate or truthful and it didn't answer my question either.


So please stop replying and let someone from the company answer it with technical terms and reasoning. Not just with same arguments that you repeat on every thread.


This is wrong and should be stopped at some point. It's exactly like charging for your phone unlocking process or term cancelation fees that crtc made them to obey the law eventually.


If enough people fills the complain about this and it becomes a news, they will finally admit that there is a practical solution to solve this problem.



Even if my phone is not fully supported by the network they can not put restrictions on our services.


That's my right even if I don't have the right device to use it fully.


If you finally got my point please stop spamming the thread with your nonsense and be sure you will get your salary from Fido.



Hello again,


@mnorouzi wrote:..Even if my phone is not fully supported by the network they can not put restrictions on our services....

  You are fully able use those services provided you have a supported device. They can restrict access to features on devices they deem non-supported.


  And no, I do not work for Fido.




I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

It sure seems to me that you work for them

Don't you have other thing to do instead of spamming the thread here???



Oh I'm sure they CAN do that but they SHOULDN'T.

THATS THE POINT if you can finally understand it that I'm not sure if you can. 😂


Hey @mnorouzi


At the moment, you can find the necessary info about Wi-Fi calling, and VoLTE in the library section. Any new addition to the list of compatible devices or updates will be included on those pages.


To reply to your original request, we unfortunately cannot add the IMEI if the phone is not a Fido phone as it's not in our database of devices.

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

And yet again you answered my question with a question.


The question is why they can't activate it on nonfido device 

Why they are blacklisting the nonfido IMEI or whitelisting their own phone. 


What's the technical barrier here?

Its been more than three years and they are continuing to do this. 


It's exactly like the extra fees for unlocking the phone that finally crtc steped up about .


They are refusing to give customer their rightful services.


In worse case scenario even if a phone is not "compatible" (that there is no such thing) Fido should still make the services available for anyone even if they can't use it. 


But now they are refusing to add nonfido imei devices to their database even for volte. 


That's a shame.