How is the LG G6?

How is the LG G6?

How is the LG G6?

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How is the LG G6?

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I have the G6 since April 2017 when it first came out and still loving it-

1) I am light on voice-calling but heavy on texting/whatsapp, and all works fine

2) the camera is great, absolutely love the wide angle mode. Quality of the pics is not bad either.

3) The fast charging feature charges the phone in minimal time.

4) The only incident I had was boot loop caused by a defective component of the phone (so I was told), contacted LG, sent it in and repaired. Everything works great since.


Looking forward to the Oreo update supposingly coming soon.

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its the phone to have if you want Dual Cameras with one that is wide angle (fish eye)
however the Front camera sucks, specially in the dark


- I really like the design, new aspect ratio for the screen is nice and easy to hold with one hand, a big step up from the LG G5

- there is wireless charging (not fast wireless charging like in Samsungs latest phones)

- USB Type C

- No LED notification light, but you do get Always on Display

- Had the phone since launch, LG isn't pushing security updates monthly, more like every 3 months or so

- Will get Oreo update eventually?! 


hope this helps

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I am not aware that LG G6 has wireless charging. It might have it in the international verison (Qi standard), but most likely not in the Fido version. 

If it is present in the Fido verison, it Qi or PMA? I tried mine with a Qi charger and it does not work.

Hey everyone!


I verified with LG and the LG G6 we offer is compatible with both Qi and PMA wireless charging Smiley


It is possible not all chargers are compatible though, so that may be why it didn't work for you @EFTC


Hope this helps Very_Happy

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After running a total of 6 flights of stairs (running from basement to 2nd floor 3 times) to look for my PMA charger, I am happy (and sad) to confirm that the LG G6 works with Qi but doesn't work with the PMA charger.

Hey @ravedave2!


I noticed you asked about Android Oreo on the G6, well I have some great news!


It's coming this month Wink More info here.



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thanks, looking forward to it! 



Thanks for keeping the Community updated.


Sad to see that it's not working with the PMA charger.



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Hows the battery life compared to the G5 in everyone's experience?  The phone is nice, better body and bigger abd sharper screen, looking forward to Oreo update.

Overall though i did not notice a lot of

changes from its predecessor. 


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The real big change is the LG G6 has a slightly bigger screen and the megapixel on the rear camera is different.


If I remember correctly the LG G5 has 13 megapixel on the regular camera and 8 megapixel on the wide camera and 8 megapixel on the front camera.  The LG G6 has 16 Megapixel on the rear cameras and 5 megapixel on the front camera.  In terms of photo quality, my wife notices that the LG G5 appears to take photos with more accurate color.


The G6 has wireless charging and the G5 does not.  The G5 has an IR blaster build in.


In terms of battery life, both phones should last you more than 9 - 12  hours of use.  Do note that the battery on the G5 is removable.


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Hey everyone, Oreo is out now on the G6 Smiley

Anyone from the @Community would like to share their feedback? Smiley

Anytime! Very_Happy