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Fido, this has become a comedy of errors, and I'm done.

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I contacted via the website chat feature to order a hardware upgrade on November 30th. 

I was looking for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ - given the downpayment needed for the S20+, it’s the more budget friendly option. I’d thought about waiting till Boxing Day and hoping for a better deal, but my current device does not hold a charge at all, so I must upgrade now. 
The agent I communicated with offered the device as a CPO device, for $27/month, with a $45/month plan, discounted by $10/month for two years. She additionally waived the setup fee of $45, and added the $100 credit to the account
Due to my being an existing Fido account holder, the agent, with her supervisor’s blessing, opened a new account for me. Upon receipt of the upgraded device, I would port my existing number out of Fido, and then back in and attach it to the new Samsung device. 
On December 1, I received two emails from Fido with the subject ’Thank You for your Fido order’. Those emails led me to believe that the order had been double entered. I messaged in via chat to determine if there was an error made and was assured that there was not, and that there were not two phones being shipped. 
On December 5, I received the ‘new account confirmation’ email, however I received two of them, leading me to believe that there was an error made and that the Note 10+ order had been double-entered. I again messaged into Fido via the website chat, and via Facebook, and was assured that there was no issue, and everything was in order. The agent on the website was rather disinterested and did not seem very concerned about my situation. 
On December 8, I received an email telling me that the device was backordered, however I had been told by one of the Facebook team that it was not backordered the evening prior. 
On December 11, I received two more emails with the subject ‘new account confirmation’. Both with different numbers than the emails sent on December 5. 
At that point, I messaged into Fido again via the website. The first agent chatted with me for about 20 minutes, then disconnected the chat for no reason. I messaged again, and after being transferred around, chatted with an agent who told me that yes, in fact there were two phones being shipped, and no, the tablet order had not been put through. She told me to refuse delivery of one of the phones, it would be returned to Fido and that number cancelled. She assured me that the Purolator driver would not just leave the phones but would confirm receipt in person, and at that point I could refuse one of the packages, and that there was a procedure for it. I was also told that there was no way to cancel the orders as they were in the dispatch phase.
On December 12, I was informed via email that both phones were in transit. I have been home all day. As have my neighbours. I live in a two storey house, with two doorbells at the front door. I had the tracking window open on my computer, and was sitting in the second floor living room above the front door most of the day, working. At approximately 6PM I refreshed the tracking window and saw both packages marked as delivered. I went downstairs, having not heard a doorbell, or the front door opening, and found both boxes left between the storm door and the front door. Given the rampant package theft in the neighbourhood, I’m glad I was paying attention to the tracking status, or I’d have been telling you that you were out two expensive phones. 
I am thoroughly frustrated with the treatment I’ve received the past few days. Prior to this, I had encouraged my partner to move from Freedom to Fido, and have had my home internet with Fido since July 2019. I have always treated the agents on Facebook and the website with respect and understanding, and have exercised patience and flexibility at every stage, even when the replies take several hours, and even when the agent is obviously uninterested in finding a resolution.
On December 13, I received two more 'new account confirmation' emails, for what I assume is the Samsung tablet. However both emails show that there is a monthly fee for the tablet. I was assured that there was no fee whatsoever for the tablet and the 4GB of data per month. Additionally, I'm certain that there are now two Samsung tablets being sent. A shipping notification has been sent also. I have learned from reading the notices that there is now a 3rd phone number on the  account for the tablet.
On the morning of December 13, I received a reply to this note via Facebook. The agent did not seem to understand my frustration and disappointment with this situation and seemed to have no sense of urgency in resolving it. He told me any charges on my account would be reversed later. That is unacceptable. He did not offer any real solutions and certainly did not try to make this right. He told me one line was a data-only line and I should pick a line to use and he would cancel the other one. However I don't know which line is which. He offered no insight into this.

On the afternoon of December 13, I messaged Fido via chat on the website. The agent again did not understand the issue and offered no solutions. He asked for information that had already been presented, which shows that not only is he not paying attention to the problem, but not taking the time to familiarize himself with it.
This was Fido's chance to have me as a guaranteed customer for two or more years, and Fido does not seem to be interested in fixing this. I am tired of having to contact Fido, there has been no outreach, no offers to assist. Having asked to speak to a supervisor via chat earlier today, I was told I'd hear from someone in 2 or 3 days. Maybe.
I think I'll just return the phones and tablet when it arrives and go elsewhere. This has become a farce.

Senior MVP Senior MVP
Senior MVP

Hello J-D-M,


  Welcome to the community!


  Sorry to hear of your issues while trying to upgrade your device. I can't speak to what was communicated between yourself and the customer service representatives. However, much of your issue seems to stem from:


@J-D-M wrote:...Due to my being an existing Fido account holder, the agent, with her supervisor’s blessing, opened a new account for me. Upon receipt of the upgraded device, I would port my existing number out of Fido, and then back in and attach it to the new Samsung device. ..

  That seems unnecessarily complicated for a simple hardware upgrade. I'm not sure what the reasoning was for that convoluted upgrade, but in your dealings with customer service, are you sure they were aware you had two accounts? It would be unusual for customers to have two accounts. Some customers might have two lines on the same account, but having two accounts could have lead to some confusion.


  You claim that during your most recent dealings with customer service, the agents did not understand the issue. After reading your post, to be honest, I'm not sure I understand the issue either. You received two phones, send one back. Fido does offer their 15-day satisfaction guarantee. I understand that you feel that you know your issue, however, are you effectively relaying your concerns to customer service? For example, in your post, it wasn't until more than halfway into your post that you mention a Samsung tablet. Nowhere before had you referred to a tablet.


  Again, I don't know what was discussed with customer service. However, if more than one customer service representative does not understand your issue, perhaps you need to better explain your issue to them. Communication is reciprocal. If one party can't fully express their concerns, the other party cannot fully understand those concerns. If they weren't aware of all of the relevent information (ie two accounts etc), they might not have been able to fully familiarise themselves with your situation.


Hope this helps 😀






I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

It is unecessarily complicated, you're right about that.


The sales agent I dealt with on the 30th was very well aware of my existing account. As I mentioned, she and her supervisor came up with this new account/new number as the way to process the upgrade. I have been telling every agent I've dealt with the same story, over and over. If you re-read my original text that you copied and pasted, you'll see that the agent and supervisor were aware of the account and offered the new account as a means to port out and back in.


I ordered one device, not two. I kept getting notifications for two devices, I kept messaging in to try to correct that and kept getting told that it was all good, only one device was being shipped. Until I was told that two devices were being shipped.

What I'm looking for is a solution. I understand communication is reciprocal, however the communication I've received from Fido has been, at best, lackadaisical and disinterested.

I have been quite clear about what was happening, what needed to happen and what I needed from Fido. They have been made aware of all releavant information, from account numbers, to confirmation numbers, to dates, to chat transcripts to new assigned phone numbers. So no, this hasn't been helpful. They've been given all information but have not done anything to resolve the issue.

I'd hoped by posting here in the community an actual Fido employee might be able to take the lead in resolving this.

Hey everyone! Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences.


We always aim to provide great customer service, so I'm sad to hear @J-D-M and @Risers were disappointed by their recent interactions with us. Sad


We would hate to see you leave, so please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll do our very best to help.


Should you wish to discuss the situations through the Community instead, we can definitely talk about it in PM. 


Let me know!

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hi Fido Valerie

Would you please help me. I am Still trying to get the wireless home phone plan I ordered on November. Apparently several cases have been established for the back office to process to hook me up with the whp paln I ordered versus what I received and currently have. I have been given various reasons for the delay......from they no longer offer the wireless home phone plan to my plan does not show a device. I have called in approximately 20 times since November 17th to today, been disconnected and called in again. I've logged 3 hours online with Fido just today trying to resolve this issue and the accompanying charges I am being billed for a plan I did Not order. Very very frustrated and so disappointed with no resolution. 

At this time, I am requesting a satisfactory resolution or I need to move forward to the next step or just move to another service provider.

I would like to clarify that all of the customer associates have meant well and provided courteous service, and tried to resolve this matter with any success.

I do want to add that I have also requested that my voicemail be switched frm French to English since I do not understand French, but that too has not been completed successfully. They have removed the French voicemail a few times and added it back on a few times. Scratching my head over that one. Still unresolved also.

Thank you for taking the time to offer me the opportunity to reach out to you for assistance. Please help turn this around Valerie. As a previous Fido customer, my experience with Fido was always so fulfilling. What on earth has happened to customer service?? Regretably, I am so disappointed.

Thank you for any support you might be able to provide.





I'll send you a PM so we can take a look at that together.

Talk to you soon!

Hello again,


  Thank you for the reply.


@J-D-M wrote:.. If you re-read my original text that you copied and pasted, you'll see that the agent and supervisor were aware of the account and offered the new account as a means to port out and back in...

  I understood that the supervisor gave their blessing to open the new account. My point was that the port out and port back in seems unnecessarily complicated. I don't think that would be something that was done unless requested to do so.


@J-D-M wrote:..What I'm looking for is a solution. ..

  For what are you trying to find a solution? You received two phones but you only want one phone so return one of the phones. Perhaps that's not the issue. Is it that you have two accounts? Porting your number out to another provider will automatically cancel the Fido line associated with that number. Unless you have other services on that account, the line cancellation should also close that account. If you did wish to port your phone number, it would be the new provider who would need to request the port out from Fido. You should note that for security reasons, there may be a time frame within which multiple number ports can not be performed.


  You say you have been quite clear about your situation. However, multiple people apparently don`t seem to understand the issue. When more than a couple of people can`t seem to understand, there is breakdown in communication. It might seem clear to you, but it may not be clear to others.

  If you would like assistance with your issue, you would need to contact customer service. Alternatively, you might consider sending @FidoSolutions a PM. Once they verify some information, they will also be able to access your account. In addition, they can also be contacted via Live Chat, Facebook, or Twitter. Those methods can be accessed via the contact page posted above.







I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Okay, I'll break it down for you.

I did not request a new number to port out and back in to. Yes, it's unecessarily complicated. You might not think that it would be possible, but here we are. Again, for the record, I did NOT request a new number, it was offered as a pathway for the hardware upgrade. The wrong one apparently.

I'm quite aware that I need to return a phone, thanks for pointing that out. What I'm seeking from Fido is some sort of clarity as to which phone and which SIM card to activate. Two phones / Two SIM cards / Two phone numbers, which goes with which?

Thanks for the reco to contact customer service. Been there, done that, got the chat logs to show for it. I'd hoped by coming here there would be another avenue to connect with an actual Fido agent who might be able to sort this out.

As to the clarity of the situation, I can't comment on others comprehension of it. I've been quite clear in the online chat via and Facebook ( see, I do know how to contact customer service ) what has happened and what needs to happen. I've asked repeatedly for someone to identify which device is paired with which SIM card, so I might return the other device and card.

As this seems to be the wrong place to attempt to find any kind of resolution, and given that while your replies may be well-intentioned, they're kind of pointless, I'll just leave it here.

This has demonstrated that there's little point in remaining with Fido.

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hello J-D-M


Your experience trying to resolve multiple issues created by someone employed with Fido sounds way too familiar. I  too am a new customer and am in the process of trying to resolve issues with each of my 3 lines. I feel very frustrated with the lack of competence, compassion, and willingness to correct the errors made by Fido employees. I'm not quite ready to quit with Fido, but now I sure wish I'd stayed with my previous provider. I'm a previous Fido customer, and Customer service is certainly not what it used to be. 

The descriptions your experience sounds quite clear to me. You are not alone.  I do hope that you find some satisfaction with your new service provider. 

Hello again,


  Thank you for the additional information. Things are finally starting to make some sense.


@J-D-M wrote:..Thanks for the reco to contact customer service. Been there, done that, got the chat logs to show for it. I'd hoped by coming here there would be another avenue to connect with an actual Fido agent who might be able to sort this out....

  Unfortunately, this is a public forum and any account issues do need to get done by customer service or via private message. Even if a moderator were to reply, they would either send you a PM or ask if you would like to be sent a PM. My suggestion to send FidoSolutions a PM was to get that ball rolling for you.


  As to which phone belongs to which account, the phones` serial number and IMEI should be listed in your account(s) at the time of purchase. The phone numbers should also be listed on your accounts. If you are trying to port out your number to another provider and back, you should use the phone listed on your new account. As mentioned previously, porting out your number would cancel your current line with Fido.