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I ordered an iPhone and it says that it is an "OBERTHUR FIDOTRISIM" phone. What does this mean?

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Yes I made the order on Fido.ca. The confusing wording was in the e-amil confirming the order (phones) were on their way. It included a tracking number.  This was the only message I rcvd that included such confusing wording. Its confusing and in no way confirms that the shipment has 2 phones. I will paste message below. Regards Sly



Get ready, your order is coming soon!
We’ve shipped your OBERTHUR FIDOTRISIM, Motorola GFAST White and Fido HUP in box collateral on December 30, 2020.
We’ve included your tracking number and a link to the courier’s website below. It could take up to 24 hours for the tracking status and scheduled delivery date to be updated on their website. You can then check the status of your delivery any time using this information:
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Good morning @Slybry 


Thanks for confirming! I've flagged the wording to the appropriate team. 

Regarding your order(s); each order receive its own confirmation email with an associated tracking number. 

If you ordered two phones, that will result in two separate confirmation emails. 

If you only received one shipment confirmation, that would mean only one device was shipped so far. 

Thanks for flagging the wording! 

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You are correct. My bad.  I did rcve 2 order confirmations with 2 tracking numbers. I got both phones so all is good.

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And thanks again for flagging the tech lingo!


Hey @quipquopro


In this case, the first portion simply indicates one of the manufacturers we work with. The Tri-SIM means that the SIM can be converted from a Standard sized SIM card, to a Micro SIM or Nano SIM card to fit different phones. Smiley 

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Just got same confusing message. Not user friendly. Messages to customers should be written in a way that actually makes sense to them. Not some internal tecky language that only fido understands. I also ordered 2 phones and the message does not clearly state that 2 phones are being shipped. These communications should be re-thought in my humble opinion.

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Here is the wording in message I got. OBERTHUR FIDOTRISIM ..... Fido HUP in boc Collateral???? What is that supposed to mean??????


We’ve shipped your OBERTHUR FIDOTRISIM, Motorola GFAST White and Fido HUP in box collateral on December 30, 2020.

Hello @Slybry,


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This basically means that your SIM card (trisim = 3 different SIM cards fittings) and your device has been shipped. 


You would receive 2 separate e-mails if you ordered 2 phones. 

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I appreciate the explanation but the real problem is these messages to customers should be written in a way a customer can understand them. We should not have to post questions in forum to get an explanation.


Terms like Fido HUP in box collateral mean nothing to a customer. I have no idea what that was supposed to mean.


FYI.... I never got a 2nd message about 2nd phone being shipped. I did however rcve the 2 phones.


Thanks Slybry

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You're totally right. I'll go ahead and flag this to the right team. A few questions first: 

1. Was your order placed on Fido.ca? 

2. Was this wording included in the confirmation email or in a different communication? 
3. Did you receive any other communications that also included this wording (before or after)?