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Faulty device

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I bought a device-Samsung S10e from Fido last year May during the lockdown period and all the shopping malls and customer service centres were closed then.They did courier it to me and i started using the phone.The sound issue started for the last couple of months and i took it to the samsung store because i have the one year manufacturing warrenty and samsung consultant said to me it is a tempered phone so they cannot repair it.They took it to their higher authority and they confirmed it is not an actual phone although the IMEI all other number matches.I ended up tranferring to the office of president advisor escalated team but the servive is so poor.They took 72 hours to reply me back.I have sent them all necessary documents.Called them hundred of times and emailed them as well but no reponse.Now i dont know what should do.To keep the line or just cut it down.I have been using FIDO last 3 years and is a potential customer.But i am so suprised to receive this horrible service because it is not easy to be with them hours and hours.Looking for solution.



Hey @sharminhaque647


I'm truly sorry to learn about your ongoing situation. We'd definitely love to help you get this resolved. 

I'll be sending you a PM so we can get started. Talk to you soon!