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Fake advertisement on phone protection

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Imagine you live in Vancouver or Toronto, both are the major cities in Canada. and FIDO is a Canadian company.


When you purchase a plan with a new phone, of course, you want to be nice to it and buy a protection plan just in case if anything bad happened, there will be a backup. FIDO offers you the premium monthly plan that charges 13 dollars per month. Then when you actually need to use the protection plan, FIDO says it is a third-party company and that company says they do not provide drop-in service for fix the phone in Vancouver or Toronto especially when that option is indeed an option that I can choose, just its not available in Vancouver or Toronto?


Question to FIDO, do you ever study your services when promoting to customers or do you just promote them because you can make money? Please do not fool your customer and use the trust to make your money!



Hey @roberthyhy,


We definitely review our offers and services and we can say the device protection is a great way to have peace of mind when purchasing a new device. If you need to repair your device, you can contact Brightstar at 1-866-327-3399 or if you need more information you can visit their website here.


I hope that helps!