Error 111. I cannot send messages

Error 111. I cannot send messages

Error 111. I cannot send messages

I'm a Participant Level 1

Error 111. I cannot send messages

I have a big issue with my phone a LG 7Thinq. I can't send a text message to someone outside my region. I receive them but when I reply the message is in red and it shows : cannot send, try again. When I try it says Error 111. I found nothing about it.I contacted LG support and it is not the phone. I reset and did everything but it still fail. I pay for unlimited Canada/ U.S. texto and calls but I can't do anything


I'm a Participant Level 1

I am getting error 111 when I try to text another Canadian number that I have texted with many times before.

Other texts are working and I have restarted my phone.

Hey @Ali111


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Are you getting this error when you send a message to one particular number, or is it affecting more than one number (contact)?

Are they with Fido as well?


Typically, if you are able to text other numbers as well as your own, then the issue is not with Fido's network.


Let us know.


I'm a Participant Level 1

I think it was the network for the phone I was texting on not a Fido issue because all other phone numbers work ok


To confirm, are you able to send a message finally?


Let us know! 😃



Hi @Frédérick !


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I'm sorry to learn that you're having trouble sending text messages.


I'll need to ask you a few questions to get to the bottom of this!


1. When you say you're trying to send messages outside your region, do you mean numbers from outside Canada? If so, which countries?

2. Has this just started happening, or was it always this way?


Let us know!