Data not working

Data not working

Data not working

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Data not working

Not sure why, my cellular data stopped working mid way through the day. Can’t even access Fido app on wifi. Phone/hardware seem to be okay. 

Is there a Fido Network connection? Or would this be a device specific. I’ve restarted and reset my phone. 

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I am having the same issue on Iphone X 
All receptions, data services was down for the entire day and now phone calls and text messeges are in service. Although i get full LTE bars,
i have no interenet connection. Only wifi works. No error reports except for that there is not internet. 

I have also reset my network serivces but still no luck! 

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Same thing happens to me. My mobile data is not working. I already restarted my phone and I still have a remaining data.

Hey @Rosalie16 , 


What happens when you try to use your data? 

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Just today i can’t use my data.. i can send text messages but not imessage and i can call too.. if i want to use the internet i have to use wifi.. 

Hey @Zanne!


I moved your post here as it deals with a similar topic.


That's definitely odd, but can be caused by a few things. 


First things first, have you tried to restart your phone to see if that changes anything? It's also important to be sure that data is active in the phone settings.


That said, data can also be suspended if there's unpaid balance on the account so we suggest checking that too.


If that doesn't help, please contact us.


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I have noticed that if you activate DataBytes then when it expires, sometimes it will leave you with data not working. You need to turn on airplane mode and turn it back off and that generally brings data back.

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I am trying to use my data, I am not over or anything. It will not load it is asking me for WIFI. How do I unblock the data?

Hey @smigiel,


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I've moved your post in this thread as it deals with the same topic.


That said, data should work fine if there's no block on your account and the account is up to date with payments.


Did you restart your device to see if that helps?


Otherwise, we'd need to take a closer look at your account. You can always contact us or alternatively, we can send you a private message here. Let me know what you prefer.

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Hey @Bhavanm


Is everything working now? Let us know. Smiley


Hey @Bhavanm and thanks for reaching out.


We didn't receive any alert on our end concerning this.


What phone model are you using?

Did you try to restart it to see if you can get a better result?

At the same time, are you getting any error message when you try to use data?

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Hi I have the same problem 5 hs ago, iPhone 8 plus, just says "searching" but doesn't work!!
I turned off several times, restarted it, extracted the simcard, I also went to Fido to check if there is something wrong with FIDO but they say "nothing wrong whit Fido"
I don't know what can I do!

Hey @alejandrarey


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Thanks for the info provided!


Are you still having the issue? Are you getting an error message when you try to use Data? 


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Yes!! I can't use data, I don't get error message, I don't get any message!!


Ah no🙁


We'll have to take a closer look at the details with you @alejandrarey


You can contact us here or I can send you a PM directly. 


Let me know what suits you best!