Brightstar is a Scam

Brightstar is a Scam

Brightstar is a Scam

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Brightstar is a Scam

I was sold a brightstar device protection warranty through Fido. My camera was cracked and had to pay a 100$ to get it fixed.

When I got my phone back,  weeks later I dipped a supposedly a water resistant (up to 1.5 m and can swim up to 30 min in fresh water) in a 50cm fresh water for less than 5 sec and it broke down.


I contacted Samsung warranty and they said that it is Brightstar's fault becasue after they repair a device, they do not test it for water resistance, so I went forward and contacted Brightstar to explain my case. Their response was they do not guarantee that the device you recieve back after repair will be water resistant. 


So Why not tell users about that ?? you think thats a minor detail !!!! It is not stated in the contract as well. 


Fido should not be affiliated with this entity. As a commodity that relies heavily on brand equity, Brightstar will drag you down and before you know it you'll start losing your customers. 

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The CEO of Brightstar should be thrown in prision. It makes me even more sick that it's an American company. Fido needs to get their heads out of their asses.

Thank you for your feedback @mobrien5537


We're always looking for ways to improve our service and we take your feedback very seriously.


If you have any account-related questions feel free to reach out to us here or by sending us a PM through the community. 


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Poor and slow customer service causing me without phone over 15days.


My iphone 6 got water damaged so I requested for replacement device by paying deductible on Aug 30. I got iphone 7 since they don’t have iphone 6 anymore. However, I found out the phone I got from Brightstar is not brand new and already defected. I cannot hear anything but I can use speaker phone. It’s because iphone 7 use the different headset port I could not check anything since Brightstar sent me only phone and charger (No headset).  I assumed they would sent me brand new phone but I guess not.


So I contact Brightstar the day I got the phone and Custermer service (CS) told me I have to bring in to one of the bender to fix instead of sending new device. So I brought in next day since I got the repair confirmation email but the vendor did not get the repair request. then I called Brightstar again for the problem ( as we all know I explained everything what was happened in the past) and they said they will send the request on the system so check the vendor 30 minutes later. So I did but they did not get the request.  Then I called the Brightstar again and same thing go on for over 10 days.  Even thought I told them it maybe their system problem so I want to send new device from their Headoffice but they refuse due to their procedure.  I know some technical issue because even we change the vendor or changing the repair request via email (instead of sending data).  But they don’t even do anything and keep making new repair number or esclamation number or telling me “cooperate office phone number.  When I asked to send new device, they need superior decision so it would take 1-2days to reply.  I had this conversation several times. So this is my 3rd week to talk about samething again.  Now they said they will send the new device ... no trucking number but it will come via UPS.   I really cannot trust them and I want my warranty money and deductible back so I can buy iphone11!  And the Brightstar does not have any department to bring our complain to higher than supervisor.  All these conversation and unprofessional CS were all done by supervisor level....

Hey there @akattack, so if I'm understanding correctly, at this point they are sending you a new device via UPS. Is that correct? Did you ask to escalate your issue higher than a supervisor level? 



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Nothing was done!

my case was still open...😤


They said they will send the different device (not new) but when I called for UPS tracking number, CS said I have to bring to vendor to back to square one again😑


So I called cooperate office and did the same process again to ship me the different device.  They said that the process takes 1-2days so I have no phone for another week.

And I am not still believe what they did for me so I assumed I won’t get the phone.


However, do you think I never asked for management?


I DID ask for management from the beginning but they all said there are no manager.  But then they gave me the cooperate number so I can speak with supervisor level.  Even I asked manager to every supervisors, they said we can let me talk to them.  Only escalation number will be adjusted and get the solution for the problem so they only create 3 different escalation numbers for me.  None of them worked and treated and ignored...  I want my money and warranty payment back.... I still felt really not been treated even I paid for.

I would recommend contacting us through the following channels or we can send you a PM, let us know what you prefer Smiley

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My phone has been broken for days. It was complicated enough to get through my carrier and brightstar to obtain the correct inforation (multiple communications). I was sent to a UbreakIfix store to learn they did not have the parts to fix my screen, the parts were ordered over a week ago and had a delivery estimate of 01 day. They marked my phone as unrepairable and i called back Brightstar. Brightstar decided to ship me a replacement phone because having a phone is essential (all of my calls since my phone has stopped working have been made through an old and slow tablet with horrible sound and keeps shutting off). The estimate with UPS was 01 days. After 02 days, i called UPS and they told me it could take TEN EXTRA BUSINESS DAYS (due to covid-19)... which kind of defeats the purpose of understanding my phone is an essential need... I told them it was not okay to have me or anybody else beleive theyre getting their important package in 01 day when its 11+ days. I Called back Brightstar to explain this situation and they basically said its not their problem because they dont control UPS. So now i cant make my ESSENTIAL and URGENT personal admin tasks with deadlines amongst other tasks. I also have very important notes and screenshots that i need to have access to right now! Even though i've been paying for this service, i dont have a phone and every party is simply ''sorry''. 👎👎

Hey @Jenniferhlz2


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I can definitely understand it is disappointing to have to wait for your phone. However, due to the current situations, there are delivery delays with UPS, I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

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My iPhone 8 from Fido dropped to the floor in 3 months ago - both front screen and the backglass cracked, so I filed my first claim with Brightstar and paid $70 processing fee for the repair.


Three months later, I noticed that they should be charged nothing because of the first claim processing fee waiver, so I gave them a call and asked for a refund.


The excuse from Brightstar blow my mind. They stated that the front screen was covered. But for the backglass, I had to pay another $70 processing fee to had it fixed. 


Stupid and ridiculous policy!

Hello Deeeli1,


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  From what you note, Brightstar acted in accordance to the device protection they offered. You should have been provided documentation regarding the device protection when you purchased it. According to the device protection, your first screen break repair will have a $0 processing fee if no other damage is present. You can also view the documentation here.


  In addition, the back glass is not considered a screen and would have been subject to processing fees.


  Are you saying they are requiring an additional $70? That is, a total of $140 to have the back glass repaired?


Hope this helps 😀



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Brightstar is a scam, I don't understand why Fido would choose this company for their device protection. I filed a service request months ago because my phone broke and I need a new one, and was told to upload documents that I didn't have because I am a student and don't have utility bills, car payments etc


So they told me to upload my official transcript and student card instead. My official transcript got rejected with no explanation. On 4 different occasions I uploaded documents that they asked for just to get denied, and then my service request was closed and they have refused to reopen it stating "company policy".


Why am I paying for device protection just to get frauded in this way? The funny thing is on the phone one of the Brightstar representatives told me they ask for so much documentation because the company is often victims of fraud, and they turn around and try to deny me the device protection I've been paying for all these months and I feel like I'm getting scammed.


I don't even want to deal with them anymore and would rather get refunded on the monthly payments I've been making for the device protection and start a line with a different cellphone company. I've been a Fido customer over 8 years, and the hoops I've had to jump through these past few months + lack of accountability is ridiculous and unacceptable...

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Hey @KB-24


That's not the kind of experience we want for you, we appreciate your feedback. 


Sorry to hear the claim was denied, did you try escalating this with Brightstar directly? I understand that the situation has been frustrating to deal with but I assure you they are there to help. Have you tried opening a new claim? 


Let us know what's going on and we'll see how we can help!

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I will never use this **bleep** company again. FIDO should wash their hands of these guys!!!

Hey @LannyV,


Welcome to our Community!


We're really sad that your experience with Brightstar wasn't a smooth one, definitely not what we want our customers to go through Sad


Can you tell us more about what happened? Were you able to file a claim and was it processed? 



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I replied but don't see my reply???


I'm a Contributor Level 1

I replied but don't see my reply??


I'm a Contributor Level 1

They keep telling me I need to prove my address when I have already sent in numerous documents proving my address. I have a business in Alberta and a house in BC so I have two addresses. My truck is in my company name so the registration and Insurance only has my company name on them. I got my insurance pink card changed to have my name on it and sent it in. I have now sent in a Fido bill with the address on it. This has been going on since Dec 13 2019. I need this phone for work.I am done with these guys as soon as this gets sorted out!! 

I hear you @LannyV, we'll send you a PM to sort this out. Talk to you in a bit. 

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I did what you said, what now?

Hi @LannyV


We haven't received any response to our PM to you. Can you please respond us there so we can check this out with you.