Brightstar is a Scam

Brightstar is a Scam

Brightstar is a Scam

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Brightstar is a Scam

I was sold a brightstar device protection warranty through Fido. My camera was cracked and had to pay a 100$ to get it fixed.

When I got my phone back,  weeks later I dipped a supposedly a water resistant (up to 1.5 m and can swim up to 30 min in fresh water) in a 50cm fresh water for less than 5 sec and it broke down.


I contacted Samsung warranty and they said that it is Brightstar's fault becasue after they repair a device, they do not test it for water resistance, so I went forward and contacted Brightstar to explain my case. Their response was they do not guarantee that the device you recieve back after repair will be water resistant. 


So Why not tell users about that ?? you think thats a minor detail !!!! It is not stated in the contract as well. 


Fido should not be affiliated with this entity. As a commodity that relies heavily on brand equity, Brightstar will drag you down and before you know it you'll start losing your customers. 


Hello @moeali2019 and welcome to the Community.

Sorry to see that you are having trouble to make your claim. Did you try to contact Brightstar back to see if there are documents that you can present?

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Wow, this company. I was given a replacement that was defected and I had to go through hoops to get that phone replaced but they sent me wrong color and I want my color. I paid a lot for my phone and I feel as a replacement company there is no way they dont have the color I had in stock. I will never go with this company again and fido should find a replacement for them.

Hi @Effervescent_xo


That's definitely not the experience we want you to have with Brightstar! 


Were you able to exchange your phone to get one with the color you want after all? If that is not the case, please contact us through here or ask for a PM on the Community. 



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I lost my phone on vacation and was worried after reading the reviews on here but I had no problems at all. Super easy process. When I got home I filled in the few questions they asked, paid the replacement fee and my new phone arrived a couple days later. Identical phone as I had before, Galaxy S9+. In retail packaging with all the accessories and it even came with a new sim card. I'm glad I had bright star coverage. My monthly fee and the replacement fee is still only 35% of the cost if I had to buy a new replacement out of pocket.

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Unfortunately they did not accept my request of replacement. I still have problem with them right now. Their service attitude is very bad.



Can you provide us with some more information so we can help guide you?


We'd need to know why the request wasn't approved. Was something wrong with the documentation?


We also do suggest calling Brightstar back, they'll be able to guide you with what to do next.



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Are you being honest, or is this just a fake review to do some control damage? yours is the only good comment in here , I just filled a request to get my iPhone X fixed from water damage and I am already having trouble with my statutory form was rejected and I have no idea why, I sent a couple of messages without a response yet, and after reading the bad reviews , which are all the same issues, Im having second thoughts about sending my phone to them.....   

Hey @FollowThePolo


Were you able to get things sorted with Brightstar?  If not, don't hesitate to contact us using one of the options you'll find here .  Alternatively, we can send you a PM.


Let us know if you'd like us to do that!

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I am so disappointed in FIDO for allowing this company to do their device insurance. I have received the run around for the past 2 weeks just trying to get the back panel of my A8 replaced...they even went as far as telling me certain information wasn't on my Statutory declaration when clearly it was there.I have called repeatedly and the customer service sucks !!! I think if any one is wise they will stay away !!!!!  I plan on cancelling my families device protection. Its not worth all the hassle. I wish I would have read this thred before I agreed to it !!! WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO FIDO ?!?! You need to get rid of them before they drag you down....the worst rating and reviews I have ever read with any company. Is that what FIDO has come to...associating yourself with a 1 Star deceiving company !! I am very weary of having my device fixed at any of their associated stores...might come back worst than it left .   

Hey there @roseyposey,


The replacement or repair process is usually a smoother one. That being said, did they clarify what missing information was needed, and did they request to have you bring your phone at an authorized repair shop? Let us know the status of your request to better assist you.


As a side note, there is a time limit to file a claim after the incident. Although the claim itself and the repair will be processed by Brightstar, don't hesitate to reach out to us at these channels to help you in any way we can. Alternatively, we can send you a PM here if you prefer.

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Fantastic! I bought a brand new iPhone with Fido, on contract. After a week or so water got in it and it stopped working. Brighstar send me a replacement for it. The only minor problem is... its battery dies after 7-10 hours of standby!!!!!! Ok, so I file another service request for repairing the replacement device (even more ridiculous that I have to do that), and it will cost me another 100 bucks. It's f*** scam company. I will be contacting Apple and then I'll be collecting other people's complaints in order to sue this company. This cannot be happening. A device with a "similar" functionality cannot be one with screwed up battery. 

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Hey @Ren11


The device you receive should definitely be in good working condition. Did the issue start as soon as you receive it or a bit later?


Let us know, we'd be happy to look into this and see how we can help with that. Smiley

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Hello Pamela,


Absolutely, the issue started right away, you know how you're supposed to fully charge and use up the whole battery the first several times? That's what I did and found out that the first time my phone lost 50% of its full charge overnight on standby (ridiculous, my very old phone doesn't do that), then it died, I charged it fully again and the battery died over 7 or 10 hours, I don't remember. 


I got scammed. 

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I'll gladly take a look at your account and see how we can help with that. 


I'll send you a PM here in just a moment for that. Chat soon! 


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I was sold a defective phone and I am being charged an additional 100 dollars plus tax to fix my phone ... this is very poor customer service on Fidos end. 

Hey there @Pandacita


First of all congratulations on your first post!


Now though, about the issue, can you please clarify what you meant by a defective phone? Did you already attempt to contact Brightstar about the device? Your warranty can indeed include a $100 processing fee for a repair. Keep us posted, we're there to help!



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If you are thinking of signing up with Brightstar DO NOT.  When you need ANYTHING they will not help you. Simply you will have 4- 5 phone calls with them, they will give you one "free" (you pay $10/month)  phone screen repair a year and then when you need your phone sent to you or replaced it will be the BIGGEST HASSLE you have ever had to go through with your phone. 


DO NOT GET THIS INSURANCE.  You can easily pay $200 for a used iphone and replace your phone yourself with less hassle (they also charge $200 but with MORE HASSLE). ALSO, even if you break your phone, its $100 or less to fix it anywhere in Toronto and you'll get it done with WAY LESS HASSLE than these guys do.


ALSO all their staff sounds like teenages working the phones. None of them are helpful. Its ridiculous.


FIDO: dump this garbage service. I know why you outsourced it but they are HORRIBLE. I will tell everyone i know to NEVER GET BRIGHTSTAR protection. EVER.



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They make it next to impossible to receive any assistance, they take an obscene amount of information the has nothing to do with your phone (my full lease, utility bills etc.) and the staff is horrible providing inconsistent information! Plus they do not give you a moment to speak and are constantly talking over you!! 

I have yet to have my phone screen replaced after calling them on a daily basis and have spent my whole lunch on hold with them!


I would not reccommend brightstar protection to my worst enemy .. 

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Hey @Anissak


Thank you for sharing your concerns with us! I'm sorry to learn that you had such a poor experience with Brightstar Sad 


Did they direct you towards one of their authorized repair center for the replacement of your screen?



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They finally have forwarded me to a third party however NOT HELPFUL!!


The third party cannot repair the phone properly, they will replace the screen BUT in doing so the phone the phone will no longer be waterproof, which will in the long run make the phone more susceptible to damage in the future. 


Do yourself a favour and get Apple care so you end up with the phone you paid for after repairs. 

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I have been paying 13$ a month for fido premium device protection. I lost my phone 2 weeks ago, started a request and still moving around in circles. When talking to brightstar they asked me for my documents, I sent all the info they need. Every two days they ask for something new. When they asked me for utlity bill i said i do not have any since my utilities are included in my rent, the manager said i can send me car registration in. and now they wont take my car resgistration as my utility bill either coz its the same as car insurance.  in BC car registration and car insuarance comes in on the same piece of paper. Ironacilly they know that as well, and still they won't accept it.

When i asked where in agreement it states that they need a utility bill they also has no answer to it.


And now coz i cant provide a utilty bill  brightstar wont process my service request and they keep repeating that i have 60 days for my request. But in 60 days magically i wont get a utililty bill. They even said i can go ahead and sign myself into a lease agreement. Who would want to go into a lease agreement if i am nopt tied in one.

The point is at the end of the day I trusted fido and signed my self into an agreement of device protection and when needed neither one can help.

When i told fido i want to switch carriers, even they said go ahead coz there is nothing we can do .