voice only plan

voice only plan

voice only plan

I'm a Participant Level 2

voice only plan

Hi, I'm a Fido subscriber not in a locked-in plan and am going away on holidays for 4 months.  I was hoping to change my data+voice plan to only voice so i can check my voicemail overseas and keep my phone number current.  Can anyone tell me if Fido offers voice only (like Chatr) or if there is a better way to keep my account active so I'm not paying for a service I'm not using.  Thanks.


Hi @spunky1


If you are not in a contract, you can temporarily suspend your account for $30/month. You can find more information on it in this thread. This specific option does not come with any usage though, so you won't be able to check your voicemail.


If you were to change the plan to a lower plan, you could do that however checking voicemail will incur charges. 


You can contact us here or we can send you a PM if you want to get details on your options. 



I'm a Participant Level 2

Thanks for the information. I will probably just switch over to chatr for $15 and then come back when I return from holidays.

@FidoFaiza shouldn't the temporary suspension be $7 a month? I'm hoping $30 is a typo.

Hello Kapable-K,


@KAPABLE-K wrote:...shouldn't the temporary suspension be $7 a month? I'm hoping $30 is a typo.

  It's not a typo. The fee for the temporary suspension has increased to $30 per month (see here and here).


Hope this helps 😀





DAM! $30 that's insane, does this still applies for only plans that is not in a contract or it also applies to plans that is on a contract now?

Hello again,


  I'm doubtful that they would allow temporary suspensions for those with contract. The plans on contract would include subsidy for the phone which is not reflected in the fee. If they did allow temporary suspensions for contracts, they would need to add the subsidy on top of the current suspension fee.




I'm still dumbfounded by this a %328 increased to put your service on hold. That's corporate greed at it's finest. 


@fido no need to reply with your usual "from time to time we review and adjust...yada ..yada"

Just wanted to specify that the rate has changed back to $7 per month Smiley