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Fido Roam - Everything you need to know

Looking to enjoy a totally affordable way to stay connected while you travel? Fido Roam. Fido Roam is what you're looking for.    Stay connected abroad. Don’t sweat the bill   Fido Roam lets you use your data, talk and text from your existing Fido p...

FidoStephen by Community Manager

Scam Text Messages - What to look out for

Smishers use text messages to scam you into giving up your personal or financial information, usually by inviting you to a visit a website or call a phone number. These can be difficult to identify given how little text there is, but if you take a c...

FidoStephen by Community Manager

Voicemail - Everything You Need to Know

Here’s a list of frequently asked questions we put together for you:   What is the voicemail number?   Regular voicemail: +1 416 821-6549 or +1 647 839-9169 Visual voicemail for iPhones : +1 647 839-6178 or  +1 647-839-9169   Don’t worry about the a...

FidoStephen by Community Manager

6 ways to pay your Fido bill

Hey Community,   We've put together a list of all of the payment options. Check it out:   1- Pre-authorized payment   You can register your credit card or banking information to have your bill automatically deducted each month. You can register in t...

5 Extra Hours of unlimited Data – Help guide

We hope you’re enjoying your 5 Extra Hours of unlimited Data!   Here are a few questions you can ask yourself in case you’re having issues using your 5 Extra Hours of unlimited Data:   Do you have the latest Fido My Account app? If not, go to the Ap...

Making a payment arrangement

Hey Community,   Sometimes, things happen outside of our control. We get it. If you can’t make a payment in time, let us know so we can arrange something.   You can make a payment arrangement:   In the My Account app or in your account: If y...

How to update your contact info

Hey Community,   Moving soon? Here’s how to update your contact info:   Sign into MyAccount, and select Profile & Settings in the header.   From this page, you can manage the following info:   My Account passwordRecovery contact phone numberEmail ad...

How to reset your username and/or password

Hey Community,   Already try all the combinations that would normally make up your password, but still no luck? We got you! Here’s a guide to help you reset your username and/or password.   STEP 1 Go to, click Log In (top right) and ...

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About Wi-Fi Calling

Hey everyone,   Here are instructions on how to set up WiFi calling. It's pretty easy, but we included pictures to make it even easier  (click images to enlarge)    Wi-Fi Calling lets you use your phone in all the ways you're used to, but in more pl...

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8 things to know after porting a phone number

Hey Community,   Here’s everything you need to know if you've just made a request to port in a phone number from another service provider:   Your phone number and your account have to remain active with your old service provider until the port in is...

FidoStephen by Community Manager