samsung galaxy 5 not receiving text messages any more

samsung galaxy 5 not receiving text messages any more

samsung galaxy 5 not receiving text messages any more

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samsung galaxy 5 not receiving text messages any more

I am so frustrated as I no longer get texts sent to me. I confirmed by checking my daughter's phone


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Hi there, I had the same thing happen to me a few weeks ago. I could send sms but wasn't getting replies. I went into setting and turned data off and back on, made sure I had roaming turned on and then restarted my phone. Once my phone registered with the Fido network again,  about 20 texts came shooting in. This may help for you.

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I don't keep roaming on and no one I know is sending me texts here any more as I have told them it is not functioning. I will go to a Fido store and if they can't solve, I'll cancel and try a different carrier

We're here to help @murmur and we'll have to check your account to go over the details and troubleshoot.


We'll send you another PM. Please get back to us.




Hey @murmur,


I understand your frustration, it's definitely not pleasant to not be able to receive text messages like supposed to!


Can you confirm if this happens with all messages, or just those sent to you by your daughter? 


Are you able to send messages? Do they go through and if not, are you getting an error message?


Also, can you please try to send yourself a text message and let us know the result?


I would also suggest Resetting the Network Settings on your phone.


Let us know how it goes.



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I can send texts and they are received. I cannot receive from more than one peros. I do not want to reset as I will lose too many features. I tried phoning 611 and he told me to restart, which I did and nothing changed.I tried seding myselgf and did receive. My phone reception is so bad that I had to rely on textmessages as phone calls went straight to voice mail

Hey @murmur! Philippe here.


Just wanted to know if this solution worked for you, as we didn't hear back from you.


Let us know.

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only solution..bought a new phone..spoiled myself with Samsung Note 9..

Congrats on the new phone @murmur!


Did your solution work? Smiley


Let us know.

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I tried for a long time to find where I could reset.. I have icons for the apps, so don't know where I'm supposed to scroll down. Text messages still not working. I haven't received any for over a month. Telephone calls go straight to voice mail. My reception usually is a point and sometimes one bar. It does work better in other locations but still no texts. I virtually have no srvice that I am paying for and will make a carrier change if it cannot be solved.


Thanks for keeping us posted @murmur


Sending a PM your way so we can look at this together.

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I saw the PM ,but did not see how to respond there..

Hey @murmur


Click here to find out how to send a PM. 

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still no change..not receiving texts.

Hey @murmur. Smiley


Did you follow the steps indicated in the article to reply back to our PM so we may assist you further? 


Hope to hear from you soon!



Thanks for getting back to me @murmur.


Just to clarify, Resetting the Network Settings wouldn't cause you to lose data from your phone. You might need to re-enter your WiFi's password after, however you shouldn't lose any other features as this is different from a Factory Reset. 


If you'd like to give it a try, you can follow these steps:


Go to Apps

Scroll down and select Backup and Reset

Select Reset Network Settings

Select Reset Settings


Now just to clarify, after you sent yourself a text and you received it, did you ask your daughter to send you one as well to see if you'd get it? if not, can she try sending you another one now and let us know if you still didn't receive it?


Also, how many signal bars do you have at the moment?