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how to speak to a LIVE customer service person without having a FIDO cell

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hello FIDO forum,

Does anyone know how to speak LIVE to a customer service representative at FIDO when you DONT have a FIDO cell? So in my case, i manage my FIDO account and have my wife and kids using FIDO cells. When i try calling the 2 numbers: 1-888-481-3436 & 1-888-482-3436, no matter what options i choose, when they say to speak to an agent, they keep saying that they sent a text to my FIDO cell giving me instructions to speak to a LIVE agent...but what if i don't have the cell? I've tried all day from work, obviously i don't have access to the 3 family FIDO cells...there must be a simpler way to get in touch with a FIDO rep? Please help.

Thanks and desperate!



Good morning @criccio , I understand your issue. You might want to contact Fido customer support on Twitter at fidosolutions and ask for the service representative for help. It's a dialogue by direct message from an agent. This works best for me when I can't sit by a phone.