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getting billed for scam calls

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

Hello everyone, my name is Armando, a fido customer for over 15 years. for over a year now I have been charged calls to the U.S.A. that I haven't done, I am the only one who knows my phone password and I dont let anybody use my phone (so I get this option out of the way). for over a year now I have been charged for some ridiculous calls specially to Lynbrook NY (516) 204-7956 . sometimes even over 20 calls in the same minute. When I call Fido all they say is that these calls show as Out Calls, meaning that were dialed from my phone. Basiclly is my word vrs. the systme, and guess who always wins?  I have copies of all my phone bills since November 2019 until now April 2021. and I still can't fix this problem. Does anyone else have this same problem?


Please contact me and tell me if you managed to fix this situation or you just gave up and changed your phone number like I've been suggested to do.  But sometimes is not as simple as it looks to give a new number to all your contacts. 


Thank you. 


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Hey @hamanzano! Philippe here. I hope you're doing well. Smiley


Thank you for your many years of loyalty with us. I'm sad to read about your long distance situation though.


We'll need to take a look at your account to determine what's up though. You can contact us here to have us take another look or you can request a PM from the communtiy for assistance.