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drivin' me crazy again.

I'm experienced level 1
I'm experienced level 1


Doesn't seem to matter if it is the app or the computer.

My wife wants to look at a device upgrade from the BYOD to a newer iPhone. She has one of my lines.

I log in to MyAccount  on the Android phone app. Click to her line, see the usage. Click Phone. Click Upgrade My Phone. Leaving My Account app. Gone to something else. Scroll down to "Get It at $0 Down" Get It Now >

Already a FIDO Customer? Sign In. 


I was signed in to My Account. then you signed me out and sent me outside the App. Now I have to Sign In again.

Have to go find the book where I have my login info written because my phone doesn't save Chrome passwords...

So it is easier to just go to on my Mac safari browser.

login to My account.

Then go shopping for a phone.

Get A New Device

Phones (seem to be logged out again)

Already a FIDO Customer? Sign IN

At least the computer has the username and passwrod saved for

BUT why do I need to login again.

If you are going to offer programs for existing FIDO Customers, then you shouldn't ship us off one platform and then ask us to sign in again on a remarkably similar platform which to my eyes is exactly the same as the one I left, then tell us to log in again to another remarkably identical platform to tell us what unique great deals you have for us, your valued existing customer.

Worse yet, to get to logged in to Community Support to rant about it have to get logged off the Shopping platform and log back in to the My Account so I can post about how crazy this is.


I feel like I am in an old Nintendo Super Mario game where I have to jump from one platform to another and grab items in mid air to gain points. Which maybe is what it is. Get enough stuff and get an iPhone 11 for $0 down.

Any cheats? 😉



Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hello @thePoodleFarmer,


We appreciate your feedback. We always aim to make shopping on our website or navigating the Community an easy experience. 


Did you need help with anything?

Not yet. Figured out that if I just pretend to be a New Customer and use a different browser that hasn't stored my login info and cookies and such it is easier to window shop. Like going in to the store with a mask on so no one can recognize you.

She's narrowed it down to 2 choices, just waiting for her to decide  - then maybe I can stop listening to her complain about her BELL phone. I already added a line for her Mom on my FIDO account due to a difference of opinion with her Mom's service at BELL. Talked to my sister last night, and had to listen to a BELL complaint. She got charged $10 for data usage -- 0.01MB on a flip phone that doesn't have, use or need data. She spent over a half hour on the phone to get the charge reversed and a data block put on the account for absolutely no reason because the phone doesn't have mobile data or SMS.

Guess I should consider myself lucky that it is just  lack of patience with online shopping. No problems spending an hour at the ReStore, but ask me to spend an extra 2 minutes on a shopping portal and 😱




Hey @thePoodleFarmer Smiley


If you're shopping for a new line activation, that would indeed be the way to go!

That said, if you're looking for an offer for an existing line, it would be best to remain logged in so that you can see the deals you may be eligible to on that specific line. 


Should you need help with anything or would like to go over your options, feel free to contact us. Very_Happy

@FidoValerie wrote:

Hey @thePoodleFarmer Smiley



That said, if you're looking for an offer for an existing line, it would be best to remain logged in so that you can see the deals you may be eligible to on that specific line. Very_Happy

Exactly my point.

It would be best to remain logged in from start to finish, whether using My Account in App or in Browser. Probably not a simple fix so I will just keep on keepin' on.

Other difficulties remain, now she says she wants the new phone and a new line with another 30G of data because her existing 30GB plan can't seem to keep her going for a month. On top of the 50GB Rogers Rocket hub wireless data she uses primarily as Work From Home which is also under stress due to all day meetings online, file sharing and IT sending updates for her computer, etc etc etc. So picking a phone is probably the easy bit. Stay safe and be kind.