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bill after cancellation

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1



On October 31, I went to BestBuy to set up a plan with Fido on my new phone.

The specialist guy at BestBuy was able to set up a Fido account under my name, but couldn't proceed to the next step.

He then ended up cancelling my plan right away. I didn't even receive a SIM card or anything, and I left.


On November 4, I received an email with a bill of $56.50 which says first time credits and charges.

I'm not sure why I have to pay this bill since I didn't activate my SIM card or even get to see the SIM card.

The only thing that BestBuy guy did was create my account since he failed to set up a plan, so paying this bill sounds ridiculous to me.


Could anyone at Fido please help me with this? Any clarifications would be a great help.

Thank you.




Hi there @hapariee2 , that amount looks like an administration fee was charged. I would check back with BestBuy and ask them to reverse that charge. If you don't get a resolution from BestBuy, I would reach out to Fido support  on Twitter or FaceBook. on Twitter it is fidosolutions and facebook, just look up Fido Mobile. I think maybe BestBuy erroneously charged you for something you didn't proceed with