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Phone Bill After Cancellation

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

I cancelled my Fido account on November 27. The last bill I received was generated on November 22, which as it states is for the period of November 23 - December 22. Technically, I only used 5 days out of a possible 30 during that period. I have not paid my bill since this is for the full month. Am I going to receive a credit or an updated bill any time soon?





Hello @jgrsnts,


You will receive a credit when your final invoice is produced and Fido will send the refund via cheque by mail to the address on file it can take 3-6 weeks before you get it, if you pay the invoice by card you can request they put the refund back to the card but you need to do that before the cheque is issued.


You should still pay your bill even though you only use 5 days as you can still incur late payment fees and it could impact your credit score, the remaining balance will be refunded back to you.