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How to get your old Community profile back

Hey Community,   Did you switch from using your phone number or Group ID to log in to to using an e-mail address? If so, you were probably asked to re-register to the Community, too. We figure that you may not be too happy about losing your o...

FidoStephen by Community Manager (Retired)
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Remove old Fido account from online account?

I was with Fido, then left, now I'm back and have a new account number. When I sign in to the Fido My Account app, or sign in to the Fido website on my iPhone, a pop up asks me which account I want to sign in to.  My current account, or my cancelled ...

Cm2017 by I'm a contributor level 2
  • 6 replies

Resolved! Why so many spoof calls on my new phone ?

I am getting constant daily fake calls from numbers spoofed on the fido network.  All from the area code (289).  All similar to my phone number/  " hello this is Linda Davis ...." all are fraudulent attempts to extort money or information.  Why does ...

Belleville Kiosk Customer Service

The techs at the Belleville Kiosk Chris & Titiania are simply the best at what they do. Was having major problems getting a refurbished xr iPhone to operate. They took their time with me as I am not tech savy.trie to get the phone to work for me to n...

cj411 by I'm a participant level 1
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Resolved! Caution: scam texts with code

Hi all, just a heads up that there's scam texts out that are coming in as a fido code. Usually it's what you get when you have a 2 factor sign in. Do not do anything, or to be safe,  it might be time to change your Fido password if someone else is tr...