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How to get your old Community profile back

Hey Community, Did you switch from using your phone number or Group ID to log in to to using an e-mail address? If so, you were probably asked to re-register to the Community, too. We figure that you may not be too happy about losing your old...


Sarcastic Representative

I have called the hotline to seek for an assistance with regard to my recent upgrade of my phone. At first, I thought it just his natural way of speaking but as we go along to my main concern, he's having this intentional raising of voice it's as if ...

Roderick011 by I'm a Participant Level 1
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Device upgrade offer not applied

Hi, I recently upgraded my device through a customer service rep. He offered me a deal based on being a loyal customer and specially for me and I went ahead with it and ordered my phone. Now I am being charged more from what I was confirmed over phon...

Resolved! While upgrading phone on FIDO, no text plan is shown

I am trying to upgrade my phone on FIDO website, but while i have chosen a new different plan, it shows the data plan and its price, it shows the unlimited canada wide minutes and its 0$ price, addons 3 voicemail and its 0$ price, but it does not sho...

Arif01 by I'm a Participant Level 2
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Cheated on offer

Hi As i am already a fido customer, i was offered a plan to port one of my other number to fido.So i was given a plan of > $50 10GB plan + 1,000 International minutes and $5 discount for 24 months. Later i waited for a month and when i followed up, i...

Shah8 by I'm a Participant Level 1
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