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Worst customer service representative

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Today, I spoke to many agents regarding the credit report issue with fido. I talked to several agents and my experience with them is as follows:

  • This is the most critical part of my experience. I had a 2 hour long conversation which was by far the worst customer service experience i have had. I am a user of bell and telus and let me tell you guys who would read my forum. Those company are the best in terms of customer satisfaction and customer service.  

  • So I finally get connected to credit department of fido. A representative named PARITOSH picks up the call and answers. He is first of all not able to understand what i am saying and the technical terms i am using is also not understood by him. After wasting so much time with him, when i asked him that please connect me to your supervisor so i could give the feedback of the chat i had, what he does is that he forwards my call to ROGERS instead and makes me feel so pathetic over there as i am explaining them everything which at the end they say that they would not be able to help as that is rogers. I mean i wasted 2 hours just to get fooled by a person named PARITOSH that has 0 knowledge about credititability. How can fido hire people like this. 

  • After all this i finally get connected to  Khushi who was the 4th person in this 2 hour long customer service whith whom i had a chat with. She was very knowledgeable and understanding. In that 15 mins of chat with her she was able to explain me the issue i was facing with no other customer service representative was able to do so.

I REQUEST FIDO TO PLEASE NOT APPOINT REPRESENTATIVES LIKE PARITOSH, rather hire people like khushi who know what they are doing. 
anyways i will be complaining about this to CCTS to make sure this does not happen to anyone else.


                TIME IS VERY VALUABLE,

         so as the knowledge of what you do.

Thank you



Hello @Sdddnhbgy,


Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Rest assured this isn't how we want it to be.


Did you still need help?

You can reach out to us on Facebook or twitter and we'd be happy to assist you.

Hi @Sdddnhbgy , interesting feedback that you provided. I'm sure all feedback is read and taken into consideration for training going forward. Might I suggest consideration for what you were asking the representative to do in regards to your credit? You mentioned that they didn't understand your technical explanations and that they wasted your time. Perhaps you could have communicated more clearly with common language and helped them to understand what the issue was. I'm not at all criticizing your knowledge, but perhaps the representative was facing a "first time question" for them and wasn't sure how to answer. Communication is best achieved when we help each other understand. Perhaps this person was overwhelmed with your response and their confidence collapsed. So many things could have happened to make the conversation devolve. Just a few things to consider as we all navigate this world of impatience, anger and insecurity. Hoping for better days for all of us. Cheers