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Extra data roaming charged and FIDO said it's because they follow Eastern Time?!

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

My husband and I went to Vegas for 4 day tirp and both of us used Fido data roaming. 

And when I saw our bills for this month, I've found out my husband got charged for 5day use instead of 4.

It was not so surprising casue I had the same issue when we went on a day trip to Seattle last month.

Our trip was less than 12hours that day but ,I got charged for 2 days. (It was easily waived tho)

So I kinda knew that the same issue would happen and it actually did, so I've contacted live chat.

I got linked with a specialist, the name of Charmiben, they said it was because they follow Eastern Time and they sure believed my husband's 5 day usage was all verified. I was like wtf.

When we landed at Vacnouver airport, it was 8pm which is before midnight ET. That means Fido failed tracking the data zone their customers use and I also do not understand how it is customers' responsibility to check if my data roaming usage time goes over ET while I travel and live in Western side of North America. 

They eventually waived one of the 5 day roaming usage but mentioned it is ONE TIME GOODWILL. 

The more funny thing is that it was super easy for my previous specialist to waive one of extra charges when I went to Seattle. So I don't get it why it was such a hassle this time and the CS representative, Charmiben, even needed to mention it's such a favour that they offer lmao.

If it's a personal issue with Charmiben, the CS man/woman I had talked to, they better need to educate their CS staff.

If not, Fido really needs to re-build their BS policy.


P.S If his 5day usage was all in good use and verified, why didn't I get charged 5day too while I was with him all time during the trip?


Hi @skylarlee , hope this was resolved for you. Great things to be aware of when traveling. Things for us to check ,time of use is important. I believe the charges are for a calendar day and not a 24 period. I will correct this if I find something that conflicts with that assumption. I found this page that fully explains roaming Here  for future reference.