Wifi Calling worked & stopped working

Wifi Calling worked & stopped working

Wifi Calling worked & stopped working

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Wifi Calling worked & stopped working



I am using an ulocked iphone. I just swithched to Fido yesterday from Rogers, and I gave my IMEI to the rep. I successflly activated Wifi Calling, and it worked for a couple of hours. Then it was turned off some how, and when I tried to turn it back on, it says to allow this account use wifi calling, please contact Fido.


I chated with support, she helped me reset my network setting on her end, and I did on my iphone too. Right now, it pops up a websit, similar layout as the one that let you fill out the first time when you try to active it. But it says unable to process your request.


Anyone can help please?




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Re: Wifi Calling worked & stopped working

Solved by Former Moderator FidoCatherine

Hi there @andre88224


Thanks for reaching out!


We actually have an interesting article about "Enabling Wi-Fi Calling" on or Fido Community, I would invite you to check out the details HERE 


As noted on this article, your compatible device must have been purchased from Fido. If you have a non-Fido device and no conflicting services, Wi-Fi Calling may work, but we can’t assure that the feature will work properly!


If you're using an Unlocked non-Fido device, that may be the reason for the difficutlies you're experiencing. 


I hope this helped in some way 😃 



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Suddenly, Wi-Fi Calling has activated on my unlocked iPhone 6 purchased from Apple. I just happened to try testing after the last iOS update, and it seems to be there.


Hard to say if Fido changed their system or the update fixed something.


BTW, Fido is the only cellular company (in my experience, which includes Rogers and T-Mobile in the US) that does not officialy support Wi-Fi Calling except on phones purchased from them. Lame!!

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Lame.Yes. I too have an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and 5 calls to Fido customer service concerning wifi calling accomplished nothing. There must be a way to fix this. A brand new S7 edge can be purchased for $600 or less right now. Ask Fido how much they want for one.

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Me too, i can't get wifi calling to work on an unlocked (non Fido) Galaxy S7.

They just block the system to force you to buy phone from them. 

Just change provider, that should make a statement clear enought.  I will do that soon to Telus in Quebec. Just tired of Fido stupid answer and support. Only answer is buy a phone from us.

Hey SS_1964!


We definitely wouldn't want to lose you, but, as much as we would like to, we don't have a way to guarantee that any of our services will work with an unlocked phone. 


That said, let's take a closer look at your options. 


I'll send you a PM shortly. 

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 Hi FidoAmandaN,


I'm in the same situation. My partner and I just moved back to Canada and I signed us both up for Fido Pulse plans. We really liked having VoLTE and Wifi calling on our unlocked phones back in Australia (our carrier there, Telstra, didn't discriminate against devices not bought from them as Fido seems to do).

We understand that you can't test phones you don't sell, but we are tech-savvy enough and our S8 and S8+ are fully compatible with VoLTE and Wifi Calling, and we do not appreciate your company blocking our IMEI numbers, just because we like many others, didn't buy our devices from you. If the service didn't work with our phones, we would understand, but what bothers us is that you're not letting us even try. We are still paying just as much for your service.

That being said, my partner has asked me to switch us to Bell as they support non-Bell devices. I would rather you just do the right thing and register our IMEI numbers so that we can use VoLTE and Wifi Calling on our phones. Please contact me ASAP.

Thank you, and apologies for the screen name. I can't seem to change it now.

Hey @bmbhkjhkh6, thanks for reaching out.

For now, WI- FI calling is only guaranteed on Fido phones.

We will definitely make sure to forward your comments and feedback to our support team.


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Hey @FidoKenny, @FidoAmanda@ mentioned that there are options. What would those be? 

Hey there! 


At the moment we can't guarantee it on non-Fido phones, we'll send you a PM though to take a look at things Smiley


See you there!


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Nice discussion. 

I have Fido locked s8+ with wifi calling previously activated on it. Today I have updated my firmware and now I'm going through the same loop of trying to "activate" wifi calling again. I assume I should just buy another phone to make it work LOL

Hey @Alukuk.

The WI-FI calling should work fine on your phone.


Did you try to do a reset of your phone to see if you get a better result?



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Same run around with Fido here also. Here is my story.. I had a Fido purchased s6 edge for the past 2 years, WiFi calling worked fine but the battery started to get very bad so I needed to purchase a new phone. I couldn't afford a new phone through Fido since I am on a BYOD plan. So I went elsewhere  and purchased a new unlocked LG G6. I put my sim card in a everything worked great INCLUDING the WiFi calling. I had NO issues for about 2 weeks until I called to update my IMEI # because I heard it might help increase my weak signal I was receiving from Fido. Ever since that IMEI # was updated I haven't been able to get my WiFi calling to work. I try to enable it and it tells me that my device is not compatible  which is complete BS because I was using WiFi calling fine 2 weeks prior to that call to Fido!

 I have called Fido reps and Fido tech about 7 times now for help and keep getting no where with them. I have been with Fido for over 10 years now and as soon as see a similar deal to the plan I have I am out of here. Fido can't lock phones anymore so they are locking services from their customers just because they didnt buy a phone from them. Yet they have no problem accepting my payments every month, no more. 

Hey @looking4help


I can understand how this would be an unpleasant situation. I assure you that we are not looking to make things any more complicated than necessary for our customers. We value your time with us and want to make sure you get to use your service as smoothly as possible. However, we cannot guarantee full support for this service on an unlocked phone.


That being said, we would be sad to see you leave and I would like to take another look into this with you. I'll send you a PM so we can check it out together.  

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It was a mistake switching to Fido, but good thing I haven't paid them any money yet. I'll just go back to my old network. There's no network in any developed country that will lock network features because you're using an unlocked phone. It's ridiculous . 

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@FidoPierre  No, I think we can assure that Fido is making things more complicated for customers with unlocked phones and saying "we cannot guarantee full support for this service on an unlocked phone" is not honest. You deliberatly block them with the IMEI.

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same issue here. I brought my device to Fido and now they are restricting access to wifi calling. It would be better support if they allowed it (by NOT blocking the IMEI) and ask users to sign off that you may have mixed results. If there is another legitimate reason I would like to hear it, but i doubt the quality is the issue...

Hey @R_onan!

What type of device is it?

If it's an iPhone, the service will work even if it was not purchased from us (as long as it has iOS 9.0 or above). If it's an Android, it must be purchased from Fido and at this time the service is offered on these Android phones:


  • Google Pixel2
  • Google Pixel2 XL
  • LG G4 (must be on Android 6.0 or above)
  • LG G5 (must be on Android 6.0.1 or above)
  • LG G6 (must be on Android 6.0 or above)
  • LG Q6
  • LG V30
  • LG Xpower 2
  • Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017)
  • Samsung Galaxy A8
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 edge (must be on Android 6.0.1 or above)
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 edge (must be on Android 6.0.1 or above)
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9+


I hope this helps! 

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According to @FidoStephen here:

Phone Compatibility: 



  • Have an iPhone 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8 or 8 Plus, iPhone X with iOS 9 or later installed. You’ll also need to update your carrier settings when you get the prompt at the end of the OS installation.



  • LG G4 with Android software version 6.0 (or later), LG G5 with Android software version 6.0.1 (or later), LG G6, G7, V30 or X power 2 with Android software version 7.0 (or later).
  • Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017), A8, S6, S6 Edge, S7, S7 Edge, S8, S8+, S9, S9+, Note 8 with Android software version 6.0.1 (or later).
  • Google Pixel 2/Pixel 2 XL with Android software version 8.1 (or later).


What else you need:


  1. Have your phone’s Wi-Fi Calling feature turned On.
  2. Be signed up for a voice and data plan with a monthly bill.
  3. An LTE SIM inserted into your device.


Note: Wi-Fi Calling isn’t available to Prepaid service customers.


*If you have any of the following features, you won’t be able to use Wi-Fi Calling:

  • Data blocking
  • Teletypewriter


Does that mean that Fido does NOT support WiFi-Calling for:

-iPhone SE (although iPhone 5C/5S/6/6S are supported by Fido)

-Data-Only plans (nonetheless capable of charging for incoming/outgoing local/LD calls and SMS/MMS)

-Tablets that are capable of incoming/outgoing SMS/MMS

-Android Built-in features or Android/iOS apps that limit/monitor data usage?

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SIM card #1 (FidoA): WiFi-Calling does NOT work on unlocked Phone #1, but, works on unlocked Phone #2

SIM card #2 (FidoA): WiFi-Calling does NOT work on unlocked Phone #1, but, works on unlocked Phone #2

-Fido A is a plan, exactly the same for each of two lines

-SIM cards are exact same newer bright yellow versions, (c)2017?


In other words: 


Cell Phone #1 (iPhone 6S): WiFi-Calling does NOT work with SIM card #1... or... SIM card #2

Cell Phone #2 (LG G6): WiFi-Calling works with SIM card #1... or... SIM card #2


-LG G6 and iPhone 6S were both purchased locked & later unlocked from same Canadian carrier, not Fido

-LG G6 has the latest Android version 8

-iPhone 6S has the latest iOS version 12.1.4

-both phones have been factory reset, setup as new phones, had their network settings reset, have the latest Carrier versions (iOS Fido 35.0), have the APN settings as per the Fido website instructions for iPhone and Android, have been rebooted multiple times

-both SIM cards have been taken out and put back in, and SIM cards were even replaced.


-iPhone 6S has been previously and recently using WiFi-Calling with other Canadian carriers





Does the fact that both SIM cards work with WiFi-Calling on Phone #2 rule out the issue being on the Fido account/lines themselves or related to SOC codes that need to be deleted and re-entered again?


Since @FidoNick posted in this thread:


a) "If it's an iPhone, the service will work even if it was not purchased from us (as long as it has iOS 9.0 or above)", and


b) If it's an Android, it must be purchased from Fido and at this time the service is offered on these Android phones:

  • ...
  • LG G6 (must be on Android 6.0 or above)
  • ...

Then Fido WiFi-Calling should work on the iPhone 6S (it does NOT with either SIM card) and it should NOT work on the LG G6 (it DOES work with either SIM card), despite the LG G6 not acquired/purchased from Fido.


Please reply here rather than via PM, so that everyone can benefit from the troubleshooting/suggestions.

Hey @AnonymousUser

Thank you for taking the time and providing this information, it definitely helps us understand the steps that have already been taken. 


To answer your first few questions.

-    The iPhone SE itself is compatible. You can check out the compatible models on this page here
-    Our Wi-Fi calling feature is not compatible with Tablets or Data-Only plans. 
-    Device built-in features or Apps for monitoring your data usage should not have an impact on your capacity to use Wi-Fi calling. 


The fact that the service is working properly in the Non-Fido Android is great news! The device being a Non-Fido phone doesn’t automatically make it incompatible with Wi-Fi calling. However, it can happen that it doesn’t work and that our troubleshooting steps are limited in these cases. 

The fact that the Wi-Fi calling works fine when the SIM card is in the second phone is a good indication that the service is well provisioned, and it may be an issue with the phone. 

Can you tell us what happens exactly when you try to use the Wi-Fi Calling on the iPhone 6S?


Are you seeing either of the following error messages? 

•    Service not available, contact your service provider
•    Unknown Server Error, contact your service provider
•    Failed to provision the service

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Thank you @FidoPierre


When in iOS 12:

Settings ~ Cellular ~ Off ~ Wi-Fi Calling on This iPhone ~ <Toggle On>:


”Enable Wi-Fi Calling? When you join a network the country where the network connection is made may be sent to your carrier and your cellular identity may be sent to the Wi-Fi network operator. The city may be sent to the carrier for routing short code calls. This can be changed in Settings.”

<Cancel> <Enable>


Enable: “To allow Wi-Fi calling on this account contact fido.” (sic) This is the error message.


Again, although the error message suggests it’s the Fido account and not the phone, that same SIM card then immediately moved to the Android 8 phone allows Wi-Fi Calling to be enabled, and it is then tested/confirmed to be working by putting the phone in airplane mode and then connecting to Wi-Fi... calls/SMS/MMS are successfully sent/received. Another carrier’s SIM card is then immediately put into the iPhone 6S without even a restart and WiFi-Calling on the other carrier (not Fido) is then successfully enabled, tested, and works on the other carrier (not Fido).


The obvious variable here is the IMEI on the Fido network, with the iPhone 6S IMEI now carrier unlocked but originally locked to another Canadian carrier (not Fido), and the LG G6 IMEI never locked to any carrier as it was purchased factory unlocked.



Does the Fido Wi-Fi Calling service perhaps allow phone IMEIs still or at some point locked to Fido and IMEIs of phones that were never locked to any carrier (factory unlocked) but... NOT allow phone IMEIs that were at some point locked to another carrier (not Fido)?


IF so, although that may discourage some customers to get their phones from other carriers, wouldn’t Fido benefit from allowing any customers who may be using phones unlocked by other carriers to route their calls/SMS/MMS through a WiFi network that Fido doesn’t have to pay for and which reduces the customer load on the Fido network? Not to mention customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Another technical test that could perhaps further isolate the issue is to do the opposite: try enabling Fido WiFi Calling on a factory unlocked iPhone and then on an Android phone unlocked by another carrier (not Fido), both phones using the same Fido SIM card and both tested/confirmed Wi-Fi capable on another carrier’s SIM card.


Thanks for continuing this here in the public Fido forum instead of via PM because some threads on the Fido forum suddenly move to and end in PM... and those in the community interested in the issue are left wondering how it was processed/resolved.

Hello AnonymousUser,


  Firstly to address the issue of public forum vs PM. Many people think that the moderators wish to continue in PM to prevent others from knowing what was discussed to keep those solutions private. If the issue requires access to a customer's account details, sharing that personal information in an open public forum is not appropriate. That's the reason for continuing in PM, not because they don't wish others to know the solutions.


  The reason why they say that Wifi-calling and voLTE should work on specified iPhones, but they do not guarantee the same with android phones is that there is a Global database for iPhone IMEIs. There is no such database for android devices. It's one benefit of Apple's closed system.


  I understand you note that your iPhone 6S has not been able to use those functions. It's possible that the account is not provisioned for that device. Each SIM would be provisioned for a particular device. Your being able to use both SIMs in the LG G6 suggests neither SIM is provisioned for iPhone. You might consider contacting customer service and have them provision one of the SIMs for the iPhone 6S. Alternatively, you could PM a moderator. Once they verify some information, they'll also be able to access the account details.


  Contrary to what others might believe, Fido does not blacklist IMEIs. However, if an android device's IMEI is not in their inventory database (ie device purchased from Fido), they do not guarantee that those services will work. As you note, it does happen to work in some cases. It does not have to do with any previous network lock to other carriers.


@AnonymousUser wrote:...wouldn’t Fido benefit from allowing any customers who may be using phones unlocked by other carriers to route their calls/SMS/MMS through a WiFi network that Fido doesn’t have to pay for and which reduces the customer load on the Fido network? ...

  Even though a phone with Wifi-calling enabled might not connect to local cellular towers, calls and messages still route through the Fido networks. It is not the same as other app-based Wifi-calling which route entirely via the internet (see graphic here). It's access to the gateway which needs provsioning. So while it's true Wifi-calling might reduce the load at local cellular towers, it does not reduce the customer load on the Fido networks.


Hope this helps Smiley