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Why does Fido not offer 5G?

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

I understand that Rogers flanker services do not yet offer 5G. But why not?  Fido is a complete phone service and should provide 5G to all of its customers, we already have LTE so using that as a placebo excuse by saying you are improving that doesn't cut it. We want 5G services to match the current phone technology. What does the CRTC say about this ridiculous situation? I have been a customer since 2007 and the Fido service has been amazing but I do not want to transfer to Rogers to get 5G. 


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Hello Orb2,


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I can understand being excited about the latest technology.  As you are aware, Fido is not currently offering 5G services (see here). They are concentrating on improving the LTE networks. As far as I am aware, none of the flanker brands are offering 5G services either. 


  The different levels of flanker providers offer different services. To reduce costs for customers, they must be selective in the options and services they offer. Mobile flanker brands don't get premium options like 5G, data sharing, or bundling, but their plans often offer the best balance of price and functionality (taken from here). That said, there is speculation that the first tier flanker brands could offer 5G access for a fee at some point (see here). Unfortunately, this notion is still only conjecture. No one here would know if or when this could happen. Any update on 5G access would be announced on


  I don't think the CRTC regulates what services a business chooses to offer (or not to offer). Those are business decisions, not issues of undue preference (see here, under Regulation of telephone service). For the moment, if you want to access 5G services, you will need to switch to one of the parent providers (ie Rogers, Bell, Telus or Videotron, etc).


Hope this helps 😀




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I'm a Participant Level 1

What in the world are you talking about? Fido is owned by rogers... the infrastructure is already there - in most of the populated areas. It would quite literally be a flick of a switch to enable 5G in those areas that rogers has expanded in to. Why try to pretend as if Fido has their own infrastructure? You're not working on improving anything... rogers would be the ones working on anything infra related. Shame on you for blatantly lying in a public forum.



Hello Chrisk69,


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  I never claimed Fido had their own infrastructure. I'm sorry, but had you bothered to access the information in the associated link provided? My statement that they are concentrating on improving their LTE networks was taken from there:



~taken from link provided above.


  In fact, that statement was a direct take from that page, though they have now updated it. That's why the link was provided.


  Regardless, as already mentioned, the flanker brands often don't have access to certain features or services in order to keep costs lower. Another example would be the 2nd tier flanker brands only offering 3G speeds. Yes, the infrastructure is already there, but they only get access to lower speeds because their costs are often even lower than the 1st tier flanker brands.


 Just because they use the same network as Rogers doesn't mean that they get access to the same services. The different level of flanker brands offer different services. If you would like access to 5G, you would need to switch to one of the Parent providers.


  Perhaps you should read the provided information before accusing people of lying.


Hope this helps 😀







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I'm Qualified Level 1

Hi  @Orb2 

Because 5G deployement have a big cost and users with 5g cost more bandwith to phone company. 

LTE have an advantage, LTE use less Battery than 5G. 5G is faster but LTE is better on battery.

Have a nice day Smiley