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What does Canada wide calling mean?

I'm back
I'm back

What does Canada wide calling mean, is it ok if I call and text Saskatoon Saskatchewan or no


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Hello Alana12,


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  To add to what has already been mentioned, Canada-wide calling means that those minutes already include Canadian long-distance. On the other hand, with plans which only include local (or Provincial) calling, Canadian long-distance would be additional for calls outside of their local calling areas. For example, a customer with Canada-wide calling can call Saskatoon from Toronto without additional long-distance charges, whereas a customer with local or Provincial calling making that same call to Saskatoon from Toronto would incur additional long-distance charges.


  It should be noted that the Canada-wide minutes include calls made to Canadian phone numbers while you are within Canada. If you use services outside of Canada (even calls to Canadian phone numbers; note Wifi-calling exception), that would be considered roaming and additional roaming charges would apply.


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Hello @Alana12,


Welcome to the community!


Any plan which includes Unlimited Canada-wide minutes would offer you unlimited calls to any Canadian number and you can use your phone anywhere within Canada.


Most if not all Fido plans have free Canadian and international text messaging, if your plan has unlimited text message then you do not have to worry about extra charges unless the plan has an allotted amount of text messages per month then you will have to pay once you use up the allotted amount.