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What does Canada-wide calling mean

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

One of my lines got an exclusive offer. Its very tempting but Im a little confused about what the stipulations are. The plan states


  • Canada-wide calling3
  • UNLIMITED evenings and weekends
  • Circle CallingTM: unlimited Canada-wide calling between subscribers on the same account8
  • Save $45 Setup Service Fee when you buy online✝
  • UNLIMITED INTERNATIONAL text, picture, and video messaging4
  • Call Display
  • Voicemail6
  • Say goodbye to surprise data overages with Data Overage Protection17
  • Get 1 EXTRA hour of data, 5 times a month with select plans13
  • Now get deals and giveaways with Fido XTRA. Every Thursday, exclusively on the Fido app.14
  • Live like a local and stay connected when you're abroad with Fido Roam.12
  • Overage Rate : Not Applicable


What does this mean? 

  • Canada-wide calling3      

How does it differ from the current plan Unlimited canada wide. So does this mean the calls will no longer be unlimited because its specifying I will get unlimited weekend and evening?



Hope to hear from someone to help clarify this.Thank you


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Senior MVP

Hello Kbr2013,


  Welcome to the community!


@kbr2013 wrote:


What does this mean? 

  • Canada-wide calling3...     

  Those plan details do not indicate whether there are any minute allotments associated with the plan. That detail only denotes that any included minutes (limited or unlimited) would include long-distance for calls made to Canadian phone numbers.


   If the plan has Unlimited Canada-wide minutes, the minute information under the details are redundant because evenings and weekends would already be included. Also, the additional minutes are not applicable since the plan already includes unlimited minutes. While most plans do include unlimited minutes, some plans have a limited number of call minutes included


  Any plan which includes Unlimited Canada minutes would offer you unlimited Canada-wide calling anytime.


   It should be noted that the Canada-wide minutes include calls made to Canadian phone numbers while you are within Canada. If you use services outside of Canada (even calls to Canadian phone numbers; note Wifi-calling exception), that would be considered roaming and additional roaming charges would apply.


Hope this helps 😀