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Very disappointed in Fido!

I'm helpful level 2
I'm helpful level 2

I had an interesting but confusing conversation with Fido today


*To Note, I’ve been a Fido customer for over 14 Years! When it used to be every 3 years then every 2 years contract renewal time. I would walk into Fido, buy the best newest most expensive iPhone and re-sign a new term. This has not been a cheap relationship. 


I currently have an IPhone 11 Pro Max - 256GB Phone and am on a Loyalty/Royalty 30GB Talk & Text - XXL - $115.00 plan plus $7.00 IPhone Value pack + tax. My current phone bills are $140.00/Month.


Between my job and home, I use my 30GB every month and need at least that. When I had the 15GB/Month plan previously. I would go over every single month and pay the $50 overage charge on-top of my regular $100 plus per month phone bill. Which put me in the $150-$160 realm a month.


My friend calls me yesterday. Says to me I got an Exclusive promotion from Fido and he sent me the email they sent him. $65/Month for 35GB. I was shocked. 5GB more then I have for more then half OFF a month what I pay currently. He said he signed and showed me now that's the current plan he's on! 


So I called Fido up right away. Told them the situation and all I can say is Unbelievable!


My plan contract is up in October of this year.


So Fido no longer is doing the “plan contracts”

Now they do the “phone contracts”.


They tell me in order to get such a promotion like that I must be on a cheaper “lesser” plan. For example: I need to go to a $50/month for 8GB and then I MAY get a promotion for $65/Month for 35GB IN THE FUTURE.


But because I’m on a more expensive plan Fido will only ever offer me a more expensive offer but with more GB. But never a cheaper plan?


Then they tell me I can buy out my contract now for $127.50 (that’s what I owe left on the phone until October) and re-sign for a new phone.


So I said ok let see what's that would look like.... wow! Not good!


Figure this math out! Currently a 15GB plan is $80/Month is the most GB they can offer me. (Which is 15GB less a month then I currently have). Add the $7.00/month Value pack Plus $33.34/month for the new IPhone 12 Pro Max 256 GB.


$80 + $7 + $33.40 + tax = $136.01/Month PLUS $940.00 upfront for the phone.


So I have to pay $940.00 upfront, pay the exact same money per month and I get 15GB LESS per month. They can’t offer me anything better at this time.


But my friend who is a new customer with Fido only a few years. Has a cheap iPhone paid $0 upfront and has a cheap plan is offered a crazy good promotion?


Fido, that’s not how you take care of your long time customers who are buying $2,000 Phones every 2 years and paying expensive phone bills per month.


I hope someone reaches out to me from Fido, or else you guys just lost a long term customer and I’ll be switching providers.


That shows me and everyone else that customer loyalty doesn’t mean anything with Fido. You just need to be on a cheap plan to get a good promo in the future.


I'm helpful level 2
I'm helpful level 2

Update: I'm looking into what my options



so far this is what I found with Rogers and this is as a new customer without 1 penny spent with them vs over $20,000 + in 14 years with Fido. 


iPhone 12 Pro Max

Pacific Blue



$0.00 Down



$80.00/Month for 30 GB


$90.00/Month for 35 GB


$125.00/Month for 50 GB


this is right on there website right now without even going in store or speaking to someone about further discounts or promotions! 




iPhone 12 Pro Max

Pacific Blue



$940.00 Down



$80.00/Month for 15GB

Hello Streetrossi,


  I can understand the frustration seeing others getting apparently better deals. However, you're comparing very different models. If your plan is an XXL, it is a plan under the phone subsidy model. With the subsidised plan model, the cost of devices was incorporated into the cost of plans (ie Small, Medium, Large, etc). Since the cost was incorporated into the plan cost, is not possible to simply remove the subsidy from those plans.


  On the other hand, it sounds like your friend has a newer financed Payment Program plan. With the new model, the cost of devices is separate from the cost of plans. Since the costs are separate, you would no longer have a monthly finance charge once you have paid-off the balance of the phone. The newer plans are cheaper because they don't include any monies towards a device.


  You should also note that if you have a subsidised plan and did not switch plans, you will not automatically get a new cellphone. In order to finance another device, you would also need to switch to a new plan as the old subsidised plans are not compatible with the new financed model.


  You should further note that the cost of the phone is likely to be the same (or very similar) between the different providers. I understand the Rogers offer seems better because it's $0 upfront. However, that pricing is with their Upfront Edge model. That model is more akin to a lease than actual financing. You don't actually own the device at the end of the term. To keep the device, you would need to pay the balance owing. So, rather than pay upfront (ie Fido), you pay at the end with Rogers. The total financing cost for the phone is the same with both providers.


  I understand that Rogers' plans may better suit your needs, however, you should note that the 30 GB plan you mentioned might not actually be what you think. It's 15 GB plus 15 GB bonus. That's a promotion Rogers is currently offering. As with most promotions, they might not be available indefinitely and would often have an expiry date.  All of the providers have their own promotions from time to time.


  I'm not trying to sway your decision in any way. Only you can decide what option best suits your needs.


Hope this helps 😀




I'm helpful level 2
I'm helpful level 2

I also appreciate your very detailed response fully explaining everything but right on your website it says:



Whether you need a new phone or want to bring your own, Fido has got you covered".


So again I pay my device off switch to a new plan bringing my own device and go on Fido's new plan system they have.


I have to switch to $80/Month for 15GB (Again 15GB less then I currently have) which doesn't work for me because of my job.


Fido is currently handing out a promo right now to tons of people for $65/Month for 35GB ... and my friend has cheap $0 IPhone XR with a $15/month device fee.


So what, my iPhone Value pack alone is $7.00 a month right there.


It is still not making any sense.


14 years of being a customer, and Fido isn't willing to work with me at all. No other options, no help, no compromises.


These are my options:


sign up for:


1. $80/Month Plan + $7.00 Value Pack + Tax for 15GB = $98.31/Month

(Not enough GB)


2. Keep my current plan $115/Month plan + $7.00 Value pack + tax = $137.86/Month


3. Do what Fido told me on the phone today and sign up for $50/Month plan + $7.00 Value pack + tax = $64.41/Month and hope I get a promotion like everyone else is getting eventually.


4. Buy a new phone which I don't need at $940 upfront down + $80/Month Plan + $7.00 Value Pack + $33.40 Device monthly + Tax for 15GB = $136.01/Month

(Not enough GB)

Hello again,


  Thank you for the additional information. You should note I don't work for Fido.


  As mentioned, I can understand the frustration seeing others getting apparently better deals. Unfortunately, not all plans are available to everyone at all times. Some plans are promotional plans and some plans are considered loyalty offers. Generally, the better promotions are offered during special events (ie Black Friday, Back-to-School, Christmas, etc).


  With regards to loyalty offers, the system would take multiple factors into consideration for their targeted offers. I understand you have been with Fido for a long time. However, tenure duration would only be one factor. In addition, loyalty offers for customers with subsidised plans might be very different from those offered to customers with the new financed plans. Unfortunately, the customer service representatives can only offer the plans the system provides as suitable for that customer.


 Hope this helps 😀



I'm helpful level 2
I'm helpful level 2

No problem, Fido themselves and Fido Chat support in the forum both cannot help in this situation, I understand now.


No need to respond further.


I’m better off taking my chances with another company and giving them a shot with my business as Fido is not even willing to try and offer anything other what’s on there website. I will make it a point sometime this weekend to pay off my $127 on my device and go elsewhere to a different provider.


Just to clarify you said some people are “apparently” getting better deals. It’s not apparently… they are!


I have two friends locally in my same city who got the same promotional email as well there are people on this very forum speaking about it as well in all different circumstances around Canada.


It is also clearly not a special event time like you said Christmas, Black Friday or back to school…. That’s when you said “generally” they may give better promotions…. It’s currently July.


It’s ironic you said it’s not just tenure duration of my 14 years being a customer it’s also “other factors” why one may get a promotion.


It would be interesting to know what other factors. Because my plan is up in under 3 months and for the entire 2 years I’ve never been offered anything or contacted by Fido.


I’m fact, the program I’m on now I had to fight for as well and reach out myself to Fido.


Factors such as:


Such as a “bigger” money plan like I have compared to some of Fido’s $40.00/month plan customers…. Mine is $140/Month. Hi John we see you’ve been paying a lot of money per month for many many years … we have a promotion to save you $20-40/month.


Such as buying a new $2,000 device every 2-3 years for the 14 years…. I’ve done that.


Such as always playing my bills every month never having anything outstanding… I’ve done this.


I’ve played this “game” with Fido to many times before. In order to get the newest best deals on plans/services you must change your plan again and again every year or two.


Ive done that one to many times against my better judgement to the point where now I have a $140/month phone bill and there are customers out there paying half the amount for better services.


You have people with Fido actively posting on this very forum that are getting amazing offers who have been on a $40.00 a month plan, with a zero dollar phone regardless of them paying the $15.00 a month in the new device finance program this still is not even half of what I pay every single month.


So these people get special treatment and the people who’ve been with Fido longer, pay more money every month get penalized.


To me that’s not a suitable answer that maybe these people are getting these offers because they’re on the newest plan. You’re correct maybe they are on the newest plan but they’re still spending a very small amount of money at $40 a month and getting these promotional offers.


It’s nonsense, it’s a technicality and it’s wrong.


As a business it’s poor business

Practise. If a customer is on a $40 a month plan. That means I have a total bill a month of $140.00 … that is of 3 1/2 customers at that same $40 a month.


As a business you would think Fido would want more customers like me that are willing to spend for every one person it’s like 3 1/2 other people spending only $40 a month plan.


It’s easy to see from the responses from yourself and on this forum …Fido is targeting there lowest plan dollar customers bringing them up another $10-$20 a month giving them awesome plans and promotions.


But for there customers spending $140/month they already have you in their palm and are not looking to take care of or help you.


im not the first person on this forum this has happened to and I won't be the last lost customer for it either 

Hello again,


  I never said they were apparently getting better deals, I said they were getting apparently better deals. You are still comparing different plan types. Your plan cannot be compared with the other deals because your plan includes the cost of your phone. People will have different plans and types. Some are promotions, some are loyalty offers. As well, some customers, like yourself, have subsidised plans.  While the better promotions are usually offered at special times, your friends likely received loyalty offers since, like you noted, it's July. Loyalty offers can be provided as the system sees fit.


  People who have gotten their better promotional deals have waited until they were available. People who have gotten better loyalty deals, for one, didn't have subsidised plans. Comparing your loyalty is more entitlement than loyalty




I'm helpful level 2
I'm helpful level 2

I understand I am under the old subsidised plan. At the time less then two years ago that was the biggest baddest plan Fido offered!


Your correct as well my friend has a newer financed plan.


He has:


iPhone XR

$0 upfront


$15/month for 2 years Device contract


His Plan:


$55/Month + 15/Month Device + Tax = $79.10/Month with 13GB


He got offered and now has:


$65/Month + his $15/month device + tax = $90.40/Month for 35 GB


He’s only been with Fido for not even a full 2 years!!


I on the other hand, do not want a new phone at this time as I have a IPhone 11 Pro Max 256 GB. This doesn’t not make sense to jump to a IPhone 12 Pro Max with very little difference between the phones. They are both very good $2,000 phones if purchased upfront which were both $1,000 approximately upfront on a term both on the old way Fido did things and also now are still $1,000 upfront with the new financed way.


Rather what I would like to do is save some money on my monthly plan as a long time customer with Fido.


I do also understand my plan doesn’t exist anymore, but Fido also doesn’t offer the appropriate GB I need even if I do pay off my device.


The problem I’m having is this:


As an example…


I’ll pay off my phone today which Is $127.00 approximately on the device leftover.


Now I’m bringing my device wherever I want (Fido, Rogers, Bell, Telus etc)


If I stay with Fido, why can’t Fido offer me that $65/Month for 35GB?


I switch to there new plan, I bring my own device, when the new iPhone 13 or 14 comes out and I want to buy a new one like I usually do every 2-3 years, I pay the $1,000 upfront plus the new monthly finance with Fido around $40/month.


So instead of Fido helping me and saying no problem switch to $65/Month for 35GB and Eventually we can see ON FILE for 14 years every few years he buys another phone with us  EVERY SINGLE TIME.


So temporarily you’ll have me at $65/Month + $7.00 Value pack plus tax = $81.36/Month


Then when a newer iPhone comes out … you guys are going to have me at $65 plan + $33 device approximately + $7.00 value pack + tax = $118.65/Month

I'm helpful level 2
I'm helpful level 2

To summarize and confirm how the conversation ended with Fido.


I can pay out my current contract of $127.00, bring my device over to a lesser cheaper new plan with less GB/month then I currently

Have and hope within a few months or less Fido can offer me a better loyalty plan exclusive offer.


But if I do this, until then I won’t have enough GB/Month that I need and have to HOPE I get a better offer sooner then later.


This is ridiculous! Fido your currently giving out the plan which means you have the power to just give the plan.


Even on the extreme extreme low end. $100/Month times 14 year customer is $16,800. Not including the price of the phones upfront ontop of that number I purchase every few years! Come on now!


This is an article for the local newspaper if I’ve ever seen one!


I’m always nice on the phone to the customer service agents, I pay my phone bills every month with no issues, no collections. I’m a repeat customer when the new iPhones come out. How is it possible to be a better customer then that?