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Extremely disappointed in fido dollars disappearing

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

I had 3 lines with fido, I've been a customer since your microcell days (1999) and come to find out today that you discontinued fido dollars in 2018... I've bought 2 phones since 2016 and did not use my fido cash as I was saving for an emergency. You think your staff would have told me to use them before they were gone but nope!


I'll slowly be porting my lines to another carrier as the contacts expire. The first was done today. Good riddance. 


Former Moderator
Former Moderator



Since participation in the FidoREWARDS program was going down, we slowly phased it out so that we could refocus our efforts on connecting you to programs and services that give you immediate and meaningful benefits such as new perks every week with Fido XTRA! These are much more advantageous perks and they change weekly so there's always something new to benefit from. We've also since added things like 5 free hours of data and expanded FidoRoam to all our plans so everyone can benefit from competitive roaming rates and stay connected while abroad! 


That said, we did communicate these changes to customers back in January and February of 2016. If you were month to month, the FidoDOLLARS expired in 2016, if you were on agreement, depending on the dates, the last day to use them was July 6th 2018.


You can find more information here and if you have any questions, please let us know! You've been a loyal customer for a long time and we'd really hate to see you go.



I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

Hey @FidoNick 

Those free $2 coffee perks have not been a suitable replacement for over $200 in fido cash that's gone from my account.


I do not shop online (I have no home internet) so Percopolis is useless to me.


You've taken away the only reason I was a loyal customer.


This company has done nothing but go downhill since it was acquired by Rogers. We are even treated as a discount brand now. There was a time fido was a proud flagship company but its time to stop living in the past and move on to a company that at least will admit when it stabs you in the back.

We really don't want to see you go @VAMPSLAY! We did provide notice for the expiration and provided a grace period for them to be used up. That said, although Fido XTRA offers some great advantages, it's not the only way we've improved recently for our customers!


Our new plans offer Data Overage Protection so we pause data once your limit is reached, this avoids unwanted overages for good! As I mentioned, we've also implemented 5 free hours of data, as well as added FidoRoam to all our plans.


We do appreciate all feedback and we do thank you for it! We're always looking for ways to improve for our customers and we feel that these advantages can be benefited from immediately and the feedback we've seen has been positive.