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Unpleasant, unacceptable and unbearable service experience with Fido

I'm a Participant Level 3
I'm a Participant Level 3

To whom may concern,

Hello, I am a old and new customer of Fido, recently had a really bad service experience, it made me feel not only disappointed  and upset, but also frustrated and even depressed, has been causing a great disturb to my life.
It was all started just before Canada day, when I got a pretty good deal from Bell for two cell phone lines, I was with Wind at that time and my wife was with Fido, so my wife called Fido trying to cancel the service. After learned the intention of her call, Fido tried to give us a matching deal so that she could stay. We thought maybe give it a try since my wife didn't have much complain about their service for the past few years, and it is always a hassle to switch from one carrier to another, but that is proven to be a very very very big mistake.
So deal was like this, they gave my wife a loyalty plan, basically same price as what we paid before, but better minutes and data, this part is simple and straight forward, didn't cause any trouble so far; For me they offered a 2 years contract with a phone, this is where the problem is and it turned out to be a mess. I wanted the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, at that time the price was 300 CAD with a 2 years contract of Pulse Max 85 CAD monthly plan, which including unlimited Canada wide calling and 500MB. Instead this regular price on their website, they gave me 100 dollar activation bonus to knock off the price down to 200 CAD, and I also bargained to get data increased to 2G, then I said okay let's do it, we set up the new line, I was happy by then and couldn't wait until my new phone to arrive, totally unaware it was just the beginning of a nightmare.
Few days after, before I got the new phone, I logged on to the Fido website to pay my wife's last bill, found out Fido had already open the new line for me, but the deal was totally wrong!!! The phone under my account was not Samsung S7 Edge but Samsung S7, and the plan was 85 CAD LOCAL calling with 1G data!!! I was totally shocked and wanted to call Fido right away, but it was already evening, so I had barely no sleep that night and woke up early the day after calling customer service first thing, but it only made me even more angry.
First, I had to wait almost 1 hour to speak to a rep, and he had no idea what and why happened, but rather that listening to the me and trying to solve the problem, he simply told me the deal is not possible, I said what do you mean it is not possible, we had two persons sitting beside the phone when negotiating the idea and we always have the habit to record important phone call just to avoid this kind of argument, then he realized his bluff is not going to work and tried to buy me out with 50 dollar credit, I said no I want what I was promised days ago and asking to speak to his manager, he said okay I will transfer the call, then there was another 1 hour waiting, then all of sudden, the call was hanged up!!! I was almost mad. it took me 2 hours and nothing was solved!!!
No other choice, I had to call back again, this time I called the mandarin line since the waiting time was shorter, there was another 1 hour wait, a girl picked up my call, I had to spend 30 minutes to explain the whole story to her all over again, she was a bit helpful than the first one, listened to the story patiently and politely and said she need to consult her manage about the solution. She was back not long with few answers: 1. They would like to exchange my phone for me, but since they just changed their plan rate, so the S7 Edge is no longer 300 but 500 CAD, they can still honor 100 dollar credit but I need to pay 400; 2, This exchange is considered as a courtesy, not Fido's mistake, so even there is any problem with the new device, I couldn't even return it; 3. For unlimited Canada wide calling and 2GB, best they can do is 90 per month. After heard about this, I was furious!!! This means I not only pay the regular price on their website, but 200 dollars more for the phone!!! I said it is totally unacceptable, I need to speak to your manager by myself, then she became defensive and said her manager is busy and has no time speaking to me, even I speaking to him, it is still going to be the same result, told me just take the deal and leave, I said I have the phone call recording so do you, listen to it and find out what offer was given to me, then she said okay she will have the manager call me back, I told her that is okay but I still got my work to do so if your manager called me back and I couldn't answer right away, please call me back few minutes later, I will manage to take the call, but please make sure he call.
Right after I hanged up the call, I had to deal with some work, less than 3 minutes, my phone rang, it was Fido, I couldn't answer right away but still tried to wrap up to take the second call, but the phone rang literally right after the first one, no time for me to get it... So when I was free and able to listen to the VM, I got even more upset!!! That manager said in the VM "I was told to call back twice, which I did but couldn't reach you, please call back when you are free." What an attitude!!! But despite it, I still called back managing to reach the same guy. At the beginning, he was still playing tough ball, trying to give me 100 credit fro everything, I said no. After 1 hour back and forth and still got nothing, I said enough, I will just cancel all the service with Fido, then he said okay, he will 1. exchange the device without any condition; 2. phone price still 300 minus 100 credit; 3. 120 credit to compensate the difference between 85 and 90 dollar plan for two years. I was really exhausted with all the negotiation and going to take the deal, just before that my wife came back home so I just put the call on speaker, briefed her a bit and told her I will finish soon so that we can go out for dinner, I said to her I just gonna take the deal but a little bit credit as a gesture would be nice, since after spending a whole day on the phone unpleasantly, only getting the same deal back seems unfair, it was not my fault after all. My wife said okay, just be quick otherwise we could be late. Then it was the most MEAN, UNBELIEVABLE and DISGUSTING part of the story. Right after the really short conversation with my wife on speaker, he began to push me!!! He spoken to me really rudely and impatiently that it is absolutely the final and best offer from Fido and I have to just take it at this call, otherwise it will be expired, even before I asked for a gesture credit!!!
I was furious, because I realized he overheard the conversation between me and my wife, and tried to use us against each other!!! I said okay, great, I don't want to speak to you, you are so MEAN,  I want to speak to your manager, he said I am THE manager, I said I know you are A manager, but there should be another guy you reporting to, he said there isn't, I said wow, didn't know I have the honor to speak to the president of Fido!!! He then pushed me again to take the deal, I told him I will just cancel all the services, he said only your wife can cancel her service, see, he was still trying. Of course my wife is with me, she said we want to cancel but before that we need to speak to retention, he had no choice but to transfer the call, finally I didn't need to speak to this MEAN guy anymore...
Then finally I got to speak the the first decent and helpful guy of the whole day from Fido, named Edward, he listened to me and read through the notes under my file, firstly expressed his apology to my experience, then offered me the same deal as the MEAN guy but just a bit more credit around 50 dollars. As I was already going to take the deal and feeling really tried, also impressed by his attitude, plus a bit of Stockholm syndrome I guess, I took the deal, thought it couldn't be worse, but turn out I missed the second change to escape...
So I got two devices shipped to my address after the calls, one S7 and one S7 Edge. For S7 I just mailed it back, for S7 Edge, it came with a quite long scratch on the front glass across the 1/3 of the width out of the box, just FYI S7 Edge comes with Corning Gorilla 4 glass, which is quite durable, so it can not be me who scratched the phone that bad with things like regular keys or coins, which I never put together with cell phone anyway, unless there is a diamond on my key chain... But I am a easy going guy don't care about the cosmetic defect that much as longas it doesn't affect function,  also because I already got fed up by the Fido CSR, didn't call back to have it exchanged again, god know what arguement I could have, so just started to use it and wanted no more fight, but I did call back few times in July confirming the returned device's delivery and some other issues, every time I asked the CSR, I asked them to confirm the deal was still there: 200 for the device, roughly 90 per month and around 120 credit, they all confirmed.
But finally here comes the finally straw that kills the camel,  today I got my first bill of the newly added line, instead of 200 as agreed, the price is not even 500 minus 100, it is 500, and the 120 credit is not there either, now I don't know what to say, it has gone beyond my english, even beyond mandarin, I've never ever encountered such kind of experience, such a simply thing can be so complicated, so many mistakes, so many frustration, I couldn't even sleep, that is the reason I am writing this email in the middle of the night.
So I really wish anyone concerned about the feeling of the customer and reputation of Fido could read this email, I am not going to ask anything ridiculous from Fido, I don't want to post this everywhere around the FB, Twitter etc, I just want to solve my problem and want you to treat me the way you want to be treated. If you really are to solve this problem, please reply my email with a phone number I can call back and speak to a real person straight away, and hopefully this gentleman/lady has already read through my email carefully so that I don't need to explain the whole situation again, then I can give you my account number, wish we can work out a solution that can satisfy both of us, thanks in advance.
Another unhappy Fido customer
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I'm Qualified Level 3
I'm Qualified Level 3



Sorry to hear about your experience. Let me first just say that you should never have to be this upset over a phone service. It is not worth it! There are much more important things in life to be stressed about. Cell phone service is not one of them.


I cannot help you with your current issue. I will leave that to the Fidomods. But I can give you some advice to help you deal with similiar situations in your future, regardless if you continue to use Fido or another carrier. I used to get upset just like what you are going through right now, but after years of experience and dealing with sales reps over the phone I have managed my expectations and now quite happy with the service I get all the time.


1. Never take what Retention (sales rep) says for granted - There can be many reasons what your first promised plan was not processed.  It can be you were lied to, but I think it is more likely they promised you something they cannot give or an error in their computer system to provide what was promised, or even language barrier. Regardless, never blindly accept an offer and think it will deliver. Hang up the phone and call again, have another retention rep verifiy what was offered to you in the computer system.


2. What to do if with a wrong plan / wrong phone - Don't panic. all plans and phones have a cancellation policy in place. If you were given the wrong plan and wrong phone simply cancel the service and return the phone. If Fido in this case cannot honour the first plan you were given, just move on. No sense in asking Fido to give you something they cannot provide.  


3. Long wait on phone - Fido acturally have a great alternative to long phone wait times call Fido Live Chat. It is internet chat and the Fido rep can acturally help you out with many things. If you can type your comment on the forum you should have no problem using the live chat. The benefit is the reps there are friendly and you can save a copy of the transcript for future reference. Better than the I said / you said over the phone.


4. Don't worry about billing - Many people are not aware of this. but most credits promised don't come up until the third bill, when in doubt call Fido to verifly (or use Fido Live Chat, quicker and less wait time, usually 3 minutes). Follow step 1 and verify what was promised after your first call.


5. Rude reps - I believe 100% what you said about rude reps. Same thing happened to me long time ago, and was with Fido at the time as well. Sad But I can assure you rude reps are very few and far between. The best way to handle this first don't be upset yourself! be polite to the rep, if the rep is still rude politely tell him you need to stop conversation now and hang up. Call again at later time to get a differnet rep.


6. I'm not talking to you, you are not account holder - I will need to thank Fido reps for this tip. There is somthing call Tier1 or Primary1 authorization that the account holder (your wife) can grant you full access to changing the account. All you need to do is call Fido you want Tier1 or Primary1 access. They will call the cell phone number, ask your wife to grant you account access and then you are authorize to change account on your wife's behalf.


Hopefully these tips will help you out in your future dealings with Fido.




I'm a Contributor Level 1
I'm a Contributor Level 1

Nicely written!

I'm a Participant Level 3
I'm a Participant Level 3

Hi Wufai,


I can't agree with you more! The phone service certainly not that important, not even as important as reply someone's post with easier said than done comments, so that is exactly why I feel so frustrated since it took me so much time and effort.


But for your advices, unfortunately I can't agree with single one of them, and almost made me think you are alias of that manager from mandarin department, that would be scary~


1. Never take what Retention (sales rep) says for granted- Tr**p should really consider hiring you as their chief PR officer and put this at the first page of their campaign website "Never granted, always kidding", or this one is even cooler "You think you can speak English? Think again!"

2. What to do if with a wrong plan / wrong phone - I doubt if you could still be so calm after you cancel the service, you find out the price has gone up , take mine as a perfect example, monthly plan is the same but phone is 200 more after Canada day, sure, there are more features. What? you don't need the maple trim? Sorry it comes with navigation as the premium package, don't like it, why not move on with a bicycle?

3. Long wait on phone - Don't worry, I wasn't biting my nails and pulling my hair off during that 1 hour waiting time, I normally put it on speaker and reply other's post with some sarcastic comments, by doing this, time goes a bit faster. And also, I have no problem typing through live chat, but try get a retention deal through live chat, good luck.

4. Don't worry about billing - I guess I am just not optimistic enough, when someone said a phone is 200 but charged 500 to my card, I could just take granted it will come back by itself the month after like a boomerang, but seems a nice guy once suggested don't take anything for granted, I am confused.

5. Rude reps - Isn't that what I did that asking for another rep or manager, but when someone said he is THE manager and CEO, your option is really limited.

6. I'm not talking to you, you are not account holder - Tell a sk kid I need to speak to your parents is one thing, tell a colleague kid go the adult is another thing, just hope you are aware of the difference, because if you don't you may have trouble finding your front teeth after doing that.

But thank you for taking your time replying my post anyway, although I don't agree with them at all, but it actually really helpful, it helps me to understand how these reps could treat their customer like this, guess there are really few masochistic customers out there that are okay to be treated like this and will only hang up the cal and hide their heads in sands like ostrich, it certainly easier than be honorable and responsible and helping customer to get what they really deserve.

Fortunately Fido is not a company like that, they contacted me right away after the post and solved every single problem I mentioned, confirm, confirm and reconfirm I got everything I want and 100% satisfied, special thanks to Manuel, Ranya and Alyson and Angela, you guys rock!!!


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @Anotherunhappy!


Welcome to the Community!

I apologize that the service you received wasn't to your expectation, I can definitely understand how this has been affecting you. 

I'd really like to make sure we get this resolved today.
I'll send you a PM in a few minutes.