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I'm qualified level 3
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Saw this when web browsing and was curious. look a little deeper and realized what a great deal this is for Fido Customers! Granted I haven't applied and used it yet but the offers are very inticing. Thought I would share some highlight with other co...
Happy 2014 everyone! The clock's just stroke 12 for me here in Hong Kong! I've been here for the past few weeks and its been a blast! There's a lot of great stuff here in Hong Kong, but for this forum I will stick to the wireless stuff!   As I'm stay...
With Fido's new plan structure, it is promoting users to use their Standard Plan with BYOD to get a 10% price reduction. I've giving some thought to it and decide the best value as a mobile consumer is to go m2m and BYOD to get the lowest monthly pri...
Hi all,   Recently Fido rolled out the 4.1.2 OS Update for the GS3. I updated yesterday and had been playing around with the new stuff. Wanted to create a thread to share and allow other users to contribute what changes are made.   So far I like the ...