Still terrible coverage in Willoughby area of Langley

Still terrible coverage in Willoughby area of Langley

Still terrible coverage in Willoughby area of Langley

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Still terrible coverage in Willoughby area of Langley

Looking through the threads, I read one from 2 years ago that had the same issues I am experiencing now around 83rd and 207A Street. The coverage is still terrible.


I'm in a 5th floor unit facing north, so in the northwest corner of my unit I'm effectively line of sight to the nearest Fido tower. That's good for two bars in that small area. The rest of the time it's nil until I get blocks away from the place.


I'm on wifi at home, but I routinely miss calls and messages. People tell me they called or messaged me, but I got no indicator of these events, or notification of it a day later.


The density in this area is only increasing. How has there not been a solution in two years for this issue?

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This is a known issue in Willoughby. I also have the same problem and has poor coverage in the Willoughby area regardless of if I am indoor or outside. I have opened up a technical support ticket with Fido but it actually went to Rogers support (as their network infrastructure is owned by Rogers). This was escalated through multiple network engineers and they admitted in the end that it was due to a coverage issue. They are currently planning to find a place to put up a new cell tower but they said they don't have an ETA. This is very disappointing to hear and if it doesn't get fixed by the next quater,  I might leave Fido as it is getting too much to deal with.

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yeah @iamian it's challenging TB hmm


  • Is your device unlock, coming from US  or has been modified rooted ?


Might be soft or malware related aside but please verify your device has the latest iOS 11 first.


Your iOS devices supports call handoff (Calls will transfer from Wi-Fi automatically when the Wi-Fi coverage becomes poor. ) 


  • Please refer to wifi calling setup for IOS in this Community message Here  

Cause that might affect you on network mobile while busy using WiFi calling the incoming network calls or text seems to hang if your set up is faulty.


  • Also I suggest you verify possible voice mail setup and messaging app update. If you running a custom message app and it persist uninstall reinstall or change that app.


  • Meanwhile also see some latest IOS issues troubleshooting Here


Let's get you to 4 bar((((/ Smiley










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Not jailbroken, no custom apps. IOS 11.2.2 which is current as of this date. I set up the Wifi calling as per the instructions without problem.


I appreciate your help, but I suspect this is a distance to tower issue, compounded by user density. That, and/or a wifi hand-off bug.

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Hi @iamian


I have added a tags to your post for poor reception in Langley and went through that tread for more tips.


If you have not yet please try contacting Fido's technical support at 1888 481-3436 about this reception issue. 


Other than that signal booster would be your best hope.


WiFi protocol WPA3 is to be upgrading for better security in near future. 

Wishing you the best!


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Hi @iamian I'm curious to know bout your phone too do you get LTE at all what settings i


Enabling LTE settings


What about your APN MMS settings

See Here


Fido has the best GMS coverage and was pioneer now this includes Rogers towers see Tower mapping


Let us know, Cheers!

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It’s an iPhone 5S. I checked and the APN said ltedata.apn, not ltemobile.apn so I changed it; however, still only 2 bars of LTE and only when I’m at the window in the NW corner of my unit (83rd ave and 207A St).


Downgrading to 3G is no better. 2G does get me back to 3 bars, even full bars on occasion.


I still miss calls and have very delayed data messages. I had one today that showed up 5 hrs after it was sent to me.


I am using wifi calling as well.



Hey @iamian !


Welcome to the Community


Do you get the same situation on LTE and 3G?


If you switch to 2G, does it improve the signal inside for calling and texting?


Note that reception in general may be affected by multiple factors, such as system availability and capacity, equipment, signal strength, topography and building materials, therefore as much as we'd love to, there's no way for us to guarantee coverage indoors.


Let us know!