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Terrible Start with Fido

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

So I decided to shop around for deals and promotions using Fido's live chat. An agent offered me a pretty good deal for 2 lines, so I accepted. We had a pretty good discussion and we agreed on things clearly, or so I thought. I told him specifically to ship my sim cards to a specific address and kept repeating and confirming that it will be for 2 sim cards.

A couple of days later I got a text message saying that my package was delivered to the wrong address. So I had to go out of my way to pick it up. To my disappointment, I only got 1 sim card in the package. *sigh*

I contacted support and asked what happened. The wait was pretty long on their call line so I decided to do live chat again. I just got off from an 8-hour shift, drove all the way to pick up my package that was wrongly delivered, and finding out that they shipped only 1 sim card which was originally agreed to be 2. I mean, the deal he gave me that I accepted was for 2 lines. I was so frustrated and tired and upset so I let off a little steam to the agent that I was chatting with. He told me, not only once, to be "professional" just because my "tone" was not professional enough for him. I talked to him like a normal person, no swear words, no insults and I guess the harshest thing that I said to him was "Why on earth did you guys just send one sim when it's supposed to be two" and in Caps. I'm a Customer Service Specialist and deal with upset, frustrated and mad customers all the time but I would never tell them what he said to me and just let them express how they feel about the situation and do what I can to help them. I asked for a transfer but the chat just got disconnected lol. 

I tried to enter the queue again and was connected with another agent which was super annoying since I had to repeat everything that I said to the 1st agent. This 2nd agent though, was super slow in responding. Everytime I asked a question, he takes 5-10 mins to reply and kept saying that "he will look into it". I was just asking where the part of my package was. He said that there was no 2nd line added to my account. It got me so pissed hearing that since it was clear as day that I accepted an offer with 2 lines. So, I asked to have that 2nd line opened. I had to go through the same process that I did in opening my account (credit checks and evaluations) just for a line that was supposed to be there already and through no fault of my own, was forgotten by their team. IT TOOK 3 HOURS TO HAVE THAT DONE. We reached midnight and at some point, the agent even said that he was doing something else on top of dealing with my concern. I kept asking him at several points in the chat if he was still there cause he does not respond to me for long periods of time. It was their mistake and I was the one who took in all the trouble and hassle for that.


NO COMPENSATION, NOTHING! May I just suggest, better communication with the agents and their system cause they don't seem to know what the previous agents said or did regarding the same account that I was inquiring with. I had to give them the details repetitively. 


P.S. I have all my chat transcripts in my email. I thought by switching to Fido, I would get better service but boy was I wrong. Lol!



Hey @cxrlisle !


Welcome to the Community. Smiley


I'm truly sorry to hear about your recent experience, as it definitely doesn't sound like the service we aim to provide.

We do appreciate you taking the time to give us the feedback though. Your frustration and disappointment in regards to what happened is certainly understandable.


If you wish for your comments to be forwarded so the specialists' manager can be made aware, we can definitely do so! 


Just let us know if you wish to proceed with that, or if you still have any unresolved situations on your Fido account.