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Terrible Customer service, Experience

I'm a Contributor Level 2
I'm a Contributor Level 2

I've been a customer of Fido for 10 years. And customer service seems to totally be oblivious of customers concerns and their needs.

The following events all happened within 7 days or less.


1) My mobile data stopped working out of the blue.  I called customer service for help.  Instead of helping me, the rep started on a sales pitch about buying a new phone.  I had to stop them, and insist that we try to troubleshoot before buying a new phone.  They apologized, and we tried a few things, but the problem was not resolved.  I had to research on my own and fixed the problem.


2) I decided to upgrade  my phone anyways since it was only $5/month.  However it was a certified pre-owned. I got the phone within 5 days, but it arrived DOA, the USB port wasn't working. Online support said they would send me a new phone, and return label for the faulty one.


3) I get noticed from Purolator that the shipment was out for delivery.  However, it is being shipped to the wrong address. First, the agent did not confirm the shipping address.  Second, how is it being shipped to the wrong address, when the first phone was shipped to the right address?  Third, I checked my FIDO account and statements, they all show the right address. So where did they get the wrong address?


4) I called support to have the address switched.  The rep insisted the item was delivered, but I had to tell him at least 5 times that he is looking at the wrong order.  It got to the point where I had to raise my voice, and he finally admit it his error that he was looking at the wrong order.


5)  Displeased with the all the events aboved, I called retention to express my negative experience.  Retention said they would add 3 Gb to my data plan.  I told them this is not useful to me since I have 25Gb, but I never use it up. They said there's nothing else to offer.  I asked if they can apply a credit or in-store credit for accessory purchase, they said no.

To summarize, within 7 days, FIDO customer service messed 4 times, and retention offers a useless compensation that I cannot use.


Please do better.


I'm a Contributor Level 2
I'm a Contributor Level 2
Just some venting I ordered a certified pre-owned phone online. It was shipped to the right address, but DOA: the USB port wasn't functioning. I took it in store hoping someone can have a quick look, but was told I have to deal with online support since I bought it online. They didn't even want to have a quick look. Fine. Called online support, they agreed to send a replacement with a label return for the defective one. I get notice from Purolator this morning: it is being sent to the wrong address? How? It was sent to the right one the first time, but not this time? I logged onto Fido, and my e-bills and statements have the right address. What is going on?

Hey @Nngo2k

Sorry to hear about your experience, that's definitely not what we aim for. 

The order is usually sent to the billing address unless an alternative address is provided. If there's an issue with the address, we recommend that you reach out to Purolator to confirm the shipment.

You can also contact us to confirm the address and if possible, have the package redirected.