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data plan for existing customer

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I was once a Fido customer from November 2003 till March 2023. Now, I came back to Fido in July 2023. Currently, I'm paying for $39 plan with 10Gb data. I noticed that others carriers were offering $39 for 20Gb then I called Fido to ask them to change it. The rep said that he was unable to do it then transfered me to the loyalty department. I got the same excuse from them and then told me that Fido doesn't offer this plan with 20Gb. Loyalty department also said that he cannot do anything on it. The next morning, I went shopping for grocery and saw the shop had an advertisement said that Fido offer the plan for $39 for 20Gb. I decided to call Fido when I got home. Fido reps answer the phone and said that I was an existing customer from March and fail to notice that I was a new customer from July. He wasn't listening to me and kept telling me that the plan was for new customer only. He kept telling me to upgrade to a $45 plan for 50Gb that was offered to me. Funny how it sounds like Fido wanted more money from me. I noticed that I talked to three reps in two days and they all wanted me to upgrade $45 plan with 50Gb. Wondering, does Fido really care about their existing or new customers? I work in an automotive service industry and to me every customer are the same. I treate very customer with respect and regardless they were existing or new customer who just walk in to my door. If a company thinks that new customer get the goodies all the time then no wonder why existing customer leave their carrier. KISS - I'm sure a new carrier is happy to earn my $$. I didn't forget that Fido network fail twice in a month last year and I was unable to make contact with others beside doing business. Thank you!



Hey @HC2002 We can only offer you what is currently available. Our goal is always to give you the best possible service as efficiently as possible. We always try to give you the resolution you're looking for, and when that's not possible, we'll always offer you the next best thing. In addition to that, existing customers can benefit from targeted offers that are available on their online accounts. Feel free to contact us and we'll be glad to verify what are the best options available for you.